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Black spends groovy appraisal elementary introduction
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A kind of any homebred makings, no matter it cleans out refine,be gotten or essence of life or thick, its color feeling leaves blue material difference apparent with Su Ma, what leave blue material easily promiscuous on lubricious feeling with Su Ma is —— of makings of additionally two kinds of entrances a blueness of bright generation and the “ with green evening are foreign blue ” , because 3 person showing scene is the extensive in blueness violet. But attentive observation, this 3 person still have clear distinction: Su Ma is mixed from blueness although a blueness is natural and mineral makings, but answer the green quantity that contain iron low, volume calling manganese is not high also, gu Nongyan goes out to become rusty without “ iron spot; Answer blue ” of blueness and “ ocean to do not have ” of “ iron rusty spot, float to La Zhong violet, but both photograph is compared, answer Qing Chen to be able to bear or endure firmly look, “ ocean blue ” however frippery dazzling.
Here, two phenomena must remind Tibetan friend: It is not to want to regard manganese rusty spot as ferruginous spot. Were many Tibetan friend once taking bright Qing Dynasty is period cheap does civilian kiln blue and white porcelain ask black is spent? Because they see,in green decorative pattern the dense place that act the role of has ” of “ iron rusty spot. Actually this is homebred blueness expects treatment is rough the manganese rusty spot that coarse perhaps blueness produces when makings fire. Iron and manganese two kinds of elements have accrete appearance mostly on the earth, homebred blueness expects is Gao Meng low iron, if raw material is naughty refine is not fine, ungodliness of manganese impurity eliminate, gather in fire rise to become manganese rusty spot via oxidizing 2 times. Because be the same as iron rusty spot to show puce euqally, be considered as ” of “ iron rusty spot easily by accident; Do not regard “ ocean blue ” as however Su Ma leaves blueness. “ ocean blue ” is period of late clear the Republic of China the chemical material that imports from the developed country of chemical dye industry such as Germany, Japan, although,show scene also La Zhong extensive is violet, but because of very pure, without natural and mineral makings Su Ma leaves the impurity in blueness and particle, also do not have ferruginous spot. Should go up in blue material argue true bogus, the method of only takes reliable black to spend the specimen to observe repeatedly namely, see through entrance Su Ma from blueness look ripe, form conditional catoptric consciousness.
Feeling of blue material color has Su Ma to leave green taste is true Su Ma likely hair leaving blueness is lubricious, also be color of relatively successful copy of contemporary and chemical makings likely, but feeling of blue material color leaves green taste without Su Ma, do not take seriously black flower to buy absolutely!
5, grain act the role ofing. The grain that black spends is acted the role of have times feature, expect anhydrous is divided for example, brushstroke stipple; Layout is numerous full, administrative levels is more; On bamboo Xie Xiang, anxious leaf sincere; Dragon body is like a snake, dragon claw is like cheap; The sheet that answer grain is drawn, the tip of a tree gives thorn; Admire disconnect of each other of Fu lotus valve, 3 open light to wait a moment flexibly. These features are like Xie Peilan in the famous book that spends about black " yuan acting china " , of Zhu Yuping " Yuan Daiqing spends porcelain " in all have narrate.
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