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Blue and white porcelain of bright Qing Dynasty is main implement form and green
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Implement Form
Green flower shows lubricious characteristic
Ming Hongwu
Hold bowl of style of crock, big mound, your pupil bowl
Because use homebred material, the quantity that contain iron is inferior, the volume that contain manganese is higher, so green flower shows color to slant mostly weak slant grey, not as thick in that way as black flower emerald green
Ming Yongle
Candlestick of the cup that press a hand, anise, flat abdomen peacefuls take mouth of calabash bottle, celestial sphere bottle, water chestnut to wash
Because use introduced Su Ma to expect from blueness, the volume that contain iron is high, green flower shows color to be like gem colourfully blue, rich and gaudy is in meeting occurrence shading, have dizzy medicinal powder phenomenon
Ming Xuande
Plum bottle, flat abdomen peacefuls take bottle of calabash bottle, ear of be linked together, flower to irrigate, do not have archives honour, all directions small cup of bowl of candlestick, official, tea
Blue beautiful material has 3 kinds, use Su Ma to leave blue heavy color dark, have dizzy come loose and shading phenomenon, use homebred material show scene delicate, blue is not stable, have stream medicinal powder phenomenon walking along glair, the alternate with of the shade that show scene that uses Su Ma to leave blueness and union of homebred makings photograph, dash forward the administrative levels sense that showed grain act the role ofing
Bright into change
Bowl of style of all crock of bottle of plum bottle, lotus valve mouth, pear, arrowroot bowls, your pupil bowl, bell, cast aside oral arm
Minority uses what Su Ma leaves blueness to show scene thick dark have shading, great majority used homebred and equal blueness, show lubricious grey La Danya
Ming Zhengde
Bottle elephantine ear, belt bottle of bottle, melon arris bottle, matrass, the head of garlic, run pen rack of form of crock, beautiful wine vessel, hill
Inchoate use equality is green, the attune of ash of blue design and color, Qing Liya that show scene is sent, terminal use the material that answer blueness, green beautiful tonal blue is thick emerald green and summary extensive is violet
Ming Jiajing
Jade crock spring wine vessel of bottle, calabash bottle, flower giving halberd, army hold, mold of binaural cup, porcelain board, porcelain
Use the material that answer blueness, extensive of the green beautiful rich and gaudy that show scene is violet, gorgeous
Bright 10 thousand all previous
Bottle of bottle of ear of cricket canister, vivid annulus, the head of garlic, garden stool, table plaque, box, glossy ganoderma is washed, porcelain mold
Extensive of La Zhong of inchoate green beautiful colour and lustre is violet, dense is gorgeous, metaphase La Zhongshan is grey, show scene shallow weak, terminal show scene gloomy, have more dizzy medicinal powder
Will open tomorrow
Horn of an old name for Japan of canister of arris of bottle of binaural dragon bottle, calabash bottle, ear giving halberd, melon, all directions dish, beautiful mouth dish
Green beautiful colour and lustre floats grey black is moved commonly, also have show scene shallow weak and show color to be not stabilized, have dizzy those who come loose
Ming Chongzhen
Canister of canister bottle, lotus seed, beautiful mouth dish
Green flower shows scene gloomy have dizzy medicinal powder, also have the stability that show scene, green flower presents grey blue or blue black
Qing Shunzhi
Bottle of canister bottle, the head of garlic, bottle elephantine a leg, paper mallet bottle, grail
Use Zhejiang material, green flower shows color to be fresh and green blue, also have dark, dizzy the Mo La that come loose is lubricious
Qing Kangxi
Wooden club bottle, celestial sphere bottle, awl bottle, a vase with a slender neck and a bulging belly, avalokitesvara honour, in December canister of flowers bottle, general
Used Zhejiang makings and bead bright makings, inchoate blueness flower shows scene dark, gloomy, metaphase blueness flower shows scene fresh and green and bright, terminal blueness flower is pure and fresh and lively, distinct
Qing Yongzheng
Plum bottle, admire bottle of bottle, ear of be linked together, jade head of crock spring bottle, deer honour, beautiful mouth dish
Green flower shows color to also have a few kinds, have show scene shallow weak and dark, have those who show lubricious fresh and green stability, also have show scene gloomy dizzy those who come loose
Qing Qianlong
Crock of plum bottle, celestial sphere bottle, jade spring the bottle, bottle that adopt a month, bottle that wash a mouth, lantern bottle, anise dish
Give priority to with Zhejiang makings, the green beautiful stability that show scene is dark, extensive of La Zhong of the person that weigh color is black
Qing Jiaqing
Jade crock spring bottle, admire bowl of the bottle, plum bottle, bottle that cast aside a mouth, pomegranate honour, bow
Major green flower shows lubricious stability pure blue, the part appears dim floating phenomenon
Qing Daoguang
Jade crock spring bottle, admire canister of bottle, lantern bottle, seed
Green beautiful blue is shallow weak, show lubricious stability, , without agglomeration spot is mixed dizzy medicinal powder phenomenon
Qing Xianfeng
Jade crock spring bottle, admire the bottle, bottle that fold an abdomen, flower buccal honour, flowerpot
What green flower shows color to be black ash or light greenish blue commonly is blue, minority shows scene bright-coloured and bright
Qing Dynasty is treated together
Jade crock spring bottle, admire crock of bottle, aquarium, dragon, grail
Green flower shows color to have more pure and fresh and lively, also have darkly brown tonal
Qing Guangxu
Jade crock spring bottle, admire bottle, water chestnut beautiful mouth is big honour, dragon crock
Green flower shows color to be black brown or shallow blue more, also see have the foreign blue with violet extensive of the Ming Yan that show scene
Clear announce all
Jade crock spring bottle, admire form of bottle, lotus leaf to build coal tub, big bowl
Green flower shows scene bright colourful fresh and green, good Yu Qianchao

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