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The glair of china is lubricious
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The glair colour of china begins to compare onefold, progress as the development of porcelain course of study and science and technology, the colour porcelain that develops a variety of glair variety by the element porcelain of colour of initial a kind of glair. Detailed and divisional name is very much, chromatic cent has the variety on the colour below glair and glair, introduce main glair variety as follows now

1, a glair —— is a kind of color

Green: Does ⑾ of yo of appearance of ⒒ of yo of the name of a river in Anhui Province of ⒋ of yo of  of ⒍ of yo of bone of ⒍ of yo of Jue of ⒎ of punishment bright yo breathe out yo ⒂ to gather up does yo ⒌ gather up yo?
Green: Does zinc this does ⒐ of otter of  of κ of ⒈ of otter of Bian of lax of otter  lift ぢ phlegmy take?
Yellow: Have yoke, charming yellow, chicken is oily yellow, Jiang Zhihuang, light yellow, roe yellow, honey dried meat is yellow etc.
Blue: Misty blue, asperse blue, shamrock, emerald green gem is blue, blue, blue etc.
White: Wake dried meat live does ⒃ capture live does ⑻ kite live does ⑶ sigh is the vertebra before ⒂ is stupefied taken?
Black: Gold of black colour, Mo Cai, bird waits.
Violet: Pi Zi having eggplant, pork liver the rose is violet, violet wait.
Furnace hooks glair: Does Han Jing of cowardly sieve Bi retreat mallet of  of a unit of length of handleless cup of  of pool of  of moisture in the soil foolish does creek of copy R け warmth ablaze is mallet of  of a unit of length of handleless cup of street of agent of massacre of an ancient type of banner hoisted on a featherdecked mast of allow cowardly Shan foolish copy?
Tea foam glair: Resemble tea color.

2, colour porcelain

The adornment method of china of our country ancient time is very rich, generally speaking, engraved designs is used more before Song Dai, delimit the method such as flower, printing, did not work in base embryo namely previously, be engraved into decorative pattern design on the embryo with a kind of tool or delimit decorative pattern design, have again even if engrave good matrix to imprint a decorative pattern design, apply glair to enter kiln fire next. Yuan the adornment method of acting Jingdezhen china, outside the way that retains Song Dai except one part, promote the method of reinstate strokes colour in great quantities again, of the fire of decorative pattern design that picture of this kind of makings that use variety gives call colour porcelain.

Colour porcelain is divided again issue the variety on colour and glair for glair two kinds big, apply glair to enter again after good figure design is drawn on base embryo, of kiln fire call glair next colour. Try on fine into kiln fire after glair is applied on base embryo china coloured drawing or pattern, carbonado with ingle the prize that burn and becomes makes the variety on glair quite again. Our country's famous blue and white porcelain implement a kind be the colour below glair, fight colour of colour, Lang of multicoloured, law, famille rose to wait to belong to the colour on glair. Coloured drawing or pattern of our country china is very rich, its breed has more than 200 kinds, introduce the following kinds now:
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