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Black spends groovy appraisal elementary introduction
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Those who need an attention is, clear frit of kiln of bright honest and upright official implement because enamel is pure, kiln craft is masterly, lukewarm to kiln control is stable and balanced, the bleb in the glair of a lot of products is lesser also, so closer, but careful observation differentiates, still can find out the delicate difference between effect of the kiln that be the same as gas.
Somebody thinks the bleb in glair does not have action to appraisal job, the author not dare agree without giving serious thought. Any imaginations on the world are the same as fair substaintial look to contact. The bleb in enamel is a kind of objective existence, its formation has its physics certainly with distributinging change, chemical reason. Craft of not coetaneous different raw material, recipe, fire can be necessarily on china mirror somewhat, include to come out from the expression on the bleb of enamel, make the important reference of true bogus appraisal and ancient porcelain division of history into periods thereby. Indeed, the understanding that reachs expressional rule to feature of the formation of the bleb in glair, times currently is not deep still, still exploring level, but this kind of exploration is valuable.
Archaize porcelain is the livelihood of a make big profits with a small capital, a few black spend Gao Fang to taste now not hesitate cost endeavors to imitate from each link, include to invite a division to use bavin pit with high salary elaborate fire, choose strictly, make finished product nearly distinct. So, appraisal current affairs wants comprehensive analysis. True black spends be bavin kiln fire, but of bavin kiln fire not be true black flower certainly, and the “ black of gas kiln fire spends ” is counterfeit absolutely! This is we should remind Tibetan friend people the 3rd idea.
4, blue material. True black is beautiful, using blue beautiful material to differentiate is a kind of the the most effective, handiest method. Observation comes nearly 20 years the copy that black spends is tasted, the hair color that expects in green flower and lubricious makings act the role of the expression on the picture to show flaw the most easily in grain.
Black spends uses Su Ma to belong to an entrance to expect from blueness, the textual research of Ms. Jiang Jiqi that has organized Chinese expert to go to Turkey to visit the card that ask general to hide black to spend than Gong Zhen in recent years, it originates in Sa Ma Laqing of Iraq to expect namely. Samala is the center making a surname of ancient Persia empire, rich ore Tibetan cobalt. Samala in archaic Syria language pronunciation is Sumra, su Ma leaves the Chinese that should be it to transliterate.
Su Ma belongs to natural and mineral makings from blueness, main characteristic is tall iron low manganese, and contain the microelement such as arsenic. Homebred blueness expects is tall manganese low iron, do not contain the microelement such as arsenic, because this cannot use homebred blueness material,undertake Su Ma leaves what blue material shows scene to be modelled on. With the entrance Su Ma leaves blue material on the hair quality that however in recent years really many counterfeit expect in blueness already ten split phase are close.
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