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Black spends groovy appraisal elementary introduction
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6, the craft that make. The distinction of flower of black of true and false on craft is bigger.
1. From apply glair and glair spot to differentiate. Yuan those who take the place of to apply glair to use to implements is to dip in glair and the method that brush glair, big implement glaze of ministry of substandard of the bottle that be like a plum, big pot uses the method that brush glair. As a result of yuan in the acting craft that make china be opposite generally implement the bottom gives reason coarser, after applying glair implement the bottom often sticks glair, accordingly bottle, a few glair spot often leave after coal tub bottom is firing. Contemporary copy is tasted use gush glair method mostly, bottom does not have glair. To make false appearance, think daub is false glair spot. The distinction of spot of glair of true and false depends on: True glair spot is implement the bottom after brushing glair personally is stuck take matter, some implements have, some implements are done not have. False glair spot often a lot of, and big existence, this is outsmart oneself, give the show away. True glair spot is touched randomly on mesa of the job that apply glair, it is flake more. False glair spot is those who brush besmear or nod besmear, can see factitious mark apparently.
2. From implement repair bottomly cut craft feature to differentiate. Yuan rotate speed of acting wheel car is slow, bottle of big pot, plum is repaired sufficient thick, knife mark is wide but very natural; Substitute now dynamoelectric fast annulus, rotate speed is fast, repair sufficient fine, too neat. For archaize, some is dug greatly intentionally with wide knife, but knife mark is too wide too deep, have too too neat, very factitious. Yuan acting implement by no matter size is all smooth,cut, next side arris pours a knife, the circle is full inside wall all outside inclined. Bottle, canister a kind big implement do not repair again sufficient, the circle is full more shallow, sufficient wall is clement. Contemporary copy tastes some fronts to look to be able to cover a person quite, scrutiny underside, repair sufficient rounded, inside the wall is erect, knife mark fine divide evenly, looking to know is dynamoelectric dial work.
3. Differentiate from the trace that receive an embryo. The mark that receive an embryo is the malady that ancient time makes porcelain technology, yuan, bright two acting every need section joining together implement avoid much harder, if be followed after Qing Dynasty,make mashed vegetable or fruit, shape reach firing the progress of craft is overcome gradually, observe the mark that receive an embryo becomes one of important methods that differentiate flower of true bogus black so. Contemporary the fetal sludge that the place that make china uses, grain of pug of recipe scale science fine, density is big, without air hole, moderate of together with hardness, fire temperature control is accurate, because oneself is overweight,divide oversize implements, firing hind also often can appear outside the trace that receive an embryo, general medium or small joining together implement already cannot see the mark that receive an embryo. Black beautiful copy is tasted in, some implement in implement outside did not receive fetal mark, need not look again, know its holiday, because it surpassed the level burning porcelain at that time. Although some has the mark that receive an embryo, but labour of great majority humanness is made, the horizontal mark that receive an embryo is extremely factitious: Some bulgy parts appear beyond the mark, transcend the may bulgy limitation of archaic pug; Some interior appear custom, unlike is in gravity of upside of the implements when high temperature fire natural place is. Those who be worth vigilance is, contemporary Gao Fang is tasted in, some is in of pug make up, receive an embryo to shape fire of kiln of down to bavin already was agreed without prior consultation with archaic craft, this kind of Gao Fang tastes the person that already bewitched many collecting apparently, still have the power that spreads ceaselessly. Go up in ancient porcelain appraisal consequently, we should hold one ticket of “ to overrule the cautious attitude of ” , namely: Wanting discovery to have a bit only is affirmatory and undoubted counterfeit feature, without giving thought to other how a lot of places are similar taste really, ought to hesitate none give negative. Be cheated in on ancient porcelain appraisal a lot of people, because,be more by a certain look like and the diagnostic place becloud of real blame, used one ticket of so called “ to affirm ” , the method of this kind of have one's view of the important overshadowed by the trivial should have to have a deficit greatly necessarily. We ought to realize soberly, the times is different already, network, plate and objective already were tall copy porcelain all somewhat this, be modelled on give, 2 more even and similar the feature that tastes really does not hard already. Because of this, face a china, must not Xiang Saiwei, go up with the book to where attending true, should use however go against review dimension, search doubtful point technically, captious flaw. Those who see weak point, even if be in small, ten million does not live a fantasy, should give stoutly negative. This is we should remind Tibetan friend people the 6th viewpoint.
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