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Yuan, bright, the distinction of Qing Qinghua china compares a list
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Modelling: The belt in circular arc of of primitive simplicity of implements formative line, natural, composition of a picture is soft, big implements is given priority to.

The embryo is qualitative: The embryo is thicker loose, the belt is unripe burn flavour, till bright generation is inchoate,contain sand, carcass massiness, encircling sufficient on visibility loquat is red (namely kiln is red)

Ground-coat enamel: The shadow is black (diaphaneity is better) white of an egg or say center official residence (cloudier) .

Grain act the role ofing: Carry pen thick mine, natural and cheesy. With your writing enjoyable flowers, character is given priority to, life breath is thicker.

Blue material: Homebred ground is black, import blue material

Fire craft: Arenaceous bottom has almost kiln is red, ferruginous spot piece, stick arenaceous. Carve implement have interface more, 2 section or knaggy.

Inscriptions: Did not see up to now


Modelling: Muddy Chinese hackberrya, honest and sincere. Line round muddy is downy, composition of a picture is given priority to with curve, big implements is inchoate not much, terminal grow in quantity.

The embryo is qualitative: Fetal bone is more exquisite (than yuan acting) , fetal lubricious whiteness is better, density is closer also, but porcelain changes rate not tall, than yuan acting implement body wants thin and address, the government-owned kiln with good part implement go up visibility loquat is red.

Ground-coat enamel: Inchoate: Bai Zhong extensive is green (or) of glair of the government office that it is center, enamel fleshy is moist, give a person the sense with reservation, it is the feeling of jade even, have classic aesthetic feeling. Later period: Whiteness increases relatively, enamel relatively fleshy, burnish is not quite strong, glair color gives a person the sense with dark reservation.

Grain act the role ofing: With pen bold and unconstrained, vivid. Subject matter is extensive, take at nature, much more enjoyable, little paint from life. Somebody is consciousness, but still give priority to with nature.

Blue material: Homebred blueness expects: Zhejiang earth blueness, equal blueness (Bei pond is green) , turn round blueness (green) , Su Ma of cobble blueness, entrance leaves blueness.

Fire craft: Common kiln is red. Glair bottom has shrink glair, kiln is seamed. Coal tub many kinds see interface, implement sufficient root needle is carried on the back like crucian carp fish. It is glair bottom more, scarce arenaceous bottom. The bottom is rare stick arenaceous, jump knife mark. There is a group first, be bored with of arenaceous ins and outs is smooth.

Inscriptions: Only then Yuyongle. Announce heart design is most, have money of blue beautiful book, shade, this world engraves a paragraph to wait, model, seal all has.


Modelling: Deft, spirit is beautiful. Line is erect and curt, composition of a picture with be being given priority to point-blank, big more.
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