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3 generation mix clear Kang Yongqian 6 kinds of combination of colour porcelain
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Period of clear Dai Kangxi, Yong Zheng, Qianlong, because Jingdezhen drive factory makes porcelain course of study develop steadily, union of the person that make china is existing global all sorts of colour makings, on original basis development development goes a lot of all-time glair chromaticity to plant. These reform innovation are Jingdezhen made porcelain course of study bring spring breeze at that time, for Qing Dynasty the bitter fleabane break out of colour porcelain course of study exhibits 3 acting Jingdezhen, achieve the history again brilliant laid extremely solid foundation.
One, of mixture colour porcelain limit

” of porcelain of “ mixture colour is to show “ glair issues ” of the colour on ” of the colour in glair of colour ” , “ and “ glair to wait for the colour porcelain of mutual union fire. In porcelain of kiln of past dynasties official, the colour below glair uses cobaltic material more (green flower) or copper expects (in glair red) hair is lubricious. Because the colour below glair is,paint is applied before enclothing layer of exterior glass glair, because this glair issues the temperature of colour fire to want to agree with temperature of fire of exterior glass glair, use department of high temperature glair more; The colour in glair is to show will lubricious frit mixes in exterior glair water, in the cover-coat enamel that use a list while a chromatically, the colour in commonner glair is cease raining or snowing green, cease raining or snowing end of red, tea, rouge red, your glair; The colour on glair basically applies in porcelain of colour of multicoloured, enamel, famille rose, colour sort is rich, for example vitriol red, Jin Cai. Because the colour on glair is to be in already the china appearance with good fire applies colour fire again, because this uses microtherm glair variety commonly.

Here need is a bit more compensatory, as a result of 3 person the definition differentiates is commonly it is in order to express cover-coat enamel layer fiducial, because this brings about the not close sex with divisional concept. For example if the monochromatic yellow glair of the colour in glair is applied fighting colour, famille rose to go up, because the position is in surface of vitreous glair layer, differentiate its to go up for glair at the appointed time colour.

The genetic time for the moment of porcelain of government-owned kiln mixture colour hard textual research, make in great quantities should only then face of Yu Mingxuan heart, yellow at that time green flower, green beautiful vitriol is red, and the flower of rudiment —— blueness that fights colour is multicoloured wait for mixture colour to be made in great quantities by drive factory, later a bottle of variety that develops quickly be also Ming Dynasty provides representative mixture variety extremely.

2, of mixture colour make

Look from the process that make, mixture colour porcelain should compare common colour porcelain more complex and trival, because this mixes the making difficulty of colour porcelain,also compare other colour porcelain taller. When the mixture colour china that makes tie of photograph of the color on the colour below a glair and glair, issue colour to expect in glair of scale of element embryo surface above all, enclothe glair of a glass next, become semi-manufactured goods into fire of high temperature kiln, choose scale of the colour on glair of proceed of eligible semi-manufactured goods, enter microtherm kiln fire finally. Expect according to colour respective fire temperature is different, part of the colour on glair may have fire several times, till finish.
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