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True bogus of porcelain of ancient bronze mirror: Enough talent is crucial by!
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The true bogus of appraisal ancient pottery and porcelain, can saying the ground is sufficient is crucial. As market economy step by step the counterfeit of thorough antique market blots out the sky and cover up the earth, enveloping the market, can say 90 above are counterfeit, the of first your kiln porcelain of the name kiln that is like the Song Dynasty, the whole world is not worth 100, and collect the hand in a few big museum and collector, an invaluable. Why to come nowadays so many your kiln porcelain? Porcelain of the official of kiln of Song Wu name, elder brother, your kiln also is everywhere, impossible to defend effectively making a person. So appraisal its became the crucial key in collecting with bogus really, and the ground of implements is sufficient for the information content of ancient pottery and porcelain the greatest place is in the ground is sufficient. The ground is sufficient, can see its fetus, can see its glair, can see its embryo glair this union state of affairs, can see its burn the technology that make, can look carefully at its ageing degree to wait a moment.
Generally speaking, it is difficult that division of history into periods locates easily. Really such, because was broken,the general person that collect is acting, divide its hard however true bogus, know its thing which kinds of which kinds of which kinds of modelling, grain act the role ofing, feature is which times, which kinds of curiosa. The implements that sees the sort of modelling, grain act the role ofing is right so is excited, result, once appraisal foolish eye.

How from the bottom Where is sufficient appraisal true bogus? The author thinks:

Should master each dynasty above all implement acting craft, read its correspondence again, be like sufficient be what appearance is sufficient, the embryo is the embryo of what quality;

2, the ageing of bone is in an embryo that observes its show a fetus and natural wear out condition (bogus tastes wear away more flowing, did not taste really so natural) . Generally speaking ancient pottery and porcelain is tasted really, its show fetal bone to appear drier, and copy is tasted different, appear light slip or firm be bored with. Of course also cannot absolutely, some ancient pottery and porcelain show a fetus also very fine and glossy firm be bored with, be tasted than copy however or show a bit dry;

3, its fill up appraisal burn a trace, if your kiln has sesame seed hammer to raise,burn, government-owned elder brother has “ ” stamping one's foot, bright the content previously implement can see clearly constantly mat burn a trace, just be each kiln has the mat of each kiln to burn a method just;

4, appraisal its are thenar the flint of the part that shows a fetus is red, each period have different, more or less or without, if Ming Zhimin kiln cuts full point flint is red particularly thick show, the flint that copy tastes is red differ completely, have a plenty of daub of the glair that use a starch, all show flirtatious adventitious, some still slants yellow;
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