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Black spends groovy appraisal elementary introduction
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Contemporary copy black is beautiful implement already cannot get with yuan the kaolin with same class status of earth of acting Ma Cang, multi-purpose the fetal mud of industrialized machining makes semifinished product. Because mud of this kind of embryo uses ball mill broken material, vacuum experienced mud, without stale process, taste an embryo to pledge because of the copy after this is firing too close, there is space inside the embryo, carcass proportion is large, feel is heavy, dew tread is fine do not have in vain arenaceous unoccupied place. Make the archaize on slimy craft to be in in last few years, a lot of porcelain stone, porcelain clay produced the riverside side the river of the ground to appear again all round Jingdezhen dynamic water-powered trip-hammer makes a few rotates that use water slimy mill, offer pug technically to archaize porcelain mill. Old hand of a connoisseur introduces Ju, this kind of pug compares sexual of mechanism pug “ , good used much ” . But anyhow, lack with this kind long the copy black beautiful porcelain that the pug fire of stale working procedure comes out is showing fetal place to still be shown dry, true without black flower implement dew embryo is in the simple sense with not acerbity be bored with of the sort of thick and not dry, embellish. Of course, this kind of sense did not see a character can master immediately, want the specimen that much caress black spends, ability finds a sense.
Mimic can is close to probably on the exterior in fetal color taste really, dan Yongyuan won't agree with the quality of a material that tastes really. This is we should remind Tibetan friend people the 2nd idea.
3, color of enamel, glair. The transparent cover-coat enamel that black flower overspreads is adopy the Song Dynasty Dai Jingde presses down shadow green glair and add alkaline glair of improved high temperature lime. Because contain iron the volume is higher, extensive of glair lubricious Bai Zhong is green, glaze spends fat in that way profit as blueness of Ming Daiyong announce, the place that accumulate glair shows lake blue.
Discern from enamel glair color the true counterfeit that black spends, as long as from two respects proceed with: It is the colour and lustre that observes glair juice. Because “ comes model the clear frit that uses on ” black flower is done not have on craft of recipe composition, treatment keep accurate data, contemporary copy black is beautiful implement clear frit can feel from color only, ground of the draw a tiger with a cat as a model-copy on simple sense is made up. Because this great majority is contemporary copy black is beautiful extensive of color of clear frit glair is green, lake green is shown in the place that accumulate glair and not be shallow lake blue. See those who few number copy is tasted accumulate glair to be in the blue that show a lake recently. But have blue too over- , with true black two-phase of beautiful clear frit is compared, appear extremely factitious; The density size of the bleb in seeing glair however and administrative levels distributing, be so that resolution goes out,bavin kiln fire or gas kiln fire? Flower of contemporary copy black is multi-purpose gas kiln fire, kiln Wen Yi is controlled, kiln inside and outside degree even, furious good master, fire n is tall. But the time difference that because bavin kiln is amiable,kiln changes in the temperature in fire process and warm up tremendous distinction of the curve, kiln of modern energy of life cannot repeat china completely the process of complex extremely delicate even physics, chemical variation when the fire inside bavin kiln, especially distributinging expression of the density size of the bleb in glair and administrative levels. Copy of kiln of modern energy of life tastes the bleb in glair small and close, lack is connected show administrative levels sense; And bavin kiln fire tastes the bleb in glair criterion than exiguous Shu Lang, bleb empty space is large, big, medium, persnickety bubble has, and distributing have administrative levels feeling. Glaze of bavin kiln product feels vivid character and fresh and juicy, glaze of gas kiln product feels dead and inflexible character. This kind of feeling is former do not have the physical effect that foreword sex and orderly sex differ two kinds to radial catoptric at the bleb in glaze.
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