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Mention the technology filling scene of famille rose
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Famille rose is from multicoloured (traditional decoration) enamel craft and Chinese traditional Chinese realistic painting characterized by fine brushwork and close attention to detail were absorbed to way of heavy colour ability develops and come on the foundation, the history that already had two 300 years up to now. Qing Kangxi times, multicoloured glass is white, traditional Chinese painting of no less than uses pink mediumly to apply West again at the same time red, stannum is yellow, wide emerald green makings waiting for color, appeared then appearance of the earliest famille rose, still basically withhold the characteristic of traditional decoration, pink is filled with making the same score during the color such as pink of yellow, palace, Dan Cui, the famille rose that makes colour adds change appears, call ” of “ Yong Zhengcai the color that its effect already had multicoloured bold rich and gaudy. And gradually hasten is downy and flowery: Reduced at the same time firing temperature, because this calls “ soft colour again,the course continues to develop after ” , abound and improved all sorts of expression skill, formed the view of famille rose gradually. To Qianlong period, make excelsior, high success was achieved in technology and artistic expression, manufacture very elegant. The peculiar product that porcelain of famous ” of “ Gu Yuexuan is in those days. Although be withheld to come down,this kind of famille rose is decorated after, but did not rise significantly all the time to the front of liberate and develop, so people mentions famille rose to be about to serve as a standard with Yong Qian level.

The craft effect of famille rose, with beautiful and refined be good at, this is not divided character with white and elegant porcelain, they foil each other, set each other off is added brightness, on the picture, undertake decorating with exquisite calligraphy or drawing more but also do his utmost to avoid needless trival detail, in order to achieve Qing Yun beautiful, have ornamental brushwork color.

On engineering technology, of famille rose depict with chromatic skill it is more complex and meticulous. Have picture, variety commonly, fill, wash, gather up, play way waiting for ability. “ draws ” to basically represent figure outline line with oil plants: “ colour ” is the colour that gives picture shade depth with oil plants colour; “ fills ” is to use great pain green, snow-white, white dye waiting for water fills glass color: “ gathers up ” is to use needle pen to gather up grain giving silk; “ blows ” is to use special blowtorch to blow color to be planted in order to achieve some special depth effect. General it is to use blow peach to reach all sorts of colour ground, gather up a long lines. Because coloring of famille rose place expects, it is by mineral match, very the character that masters them not easily, there often is certain difficulty when filling scene so, must pass the between forge when comparativing to drill, the oily, ability in swimming that ability control color expects is achieved use the competence that go up. Famille rose color expects make up, have traditional distinguishing feature, firing hind there is certain ply on porcelain face, burnish is bright, can prolonged is used do not wear away, often apply to the adornment of all sorts of artistic porcelain.
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