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Black spends groovy appraisal elementary introduction
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4. From at that time craft is consuetudinary on differentiate. The your pupil that is like cup of yuan of acting your pupil, bowl is receive with mud after benefit base, from hollow canister shape thenar look, can observe cup of the your pupil when join, bowl is not yuan of acting content for certain. Already appeared now of course the copy that mud receives technology is tasted, the person that collect cannot be not prevented.
7, inscriptive. Foregone “ comes model in porcelain of ” Yuan Daiqing flower, write in the process that make inscriptive the person that fall at glair, what except England Daweidejijinhui hides that to be opposite to outside bottle of ear of elephant of 11 years of inscription, more without discovery still by fair think to have inscriptive person. But a large number of emerge in large numbers that will spend copy to taste as black this year, contain the “ black with inscriptive souvenir to spend ” to be opposite so that let a person too many things to see. X of bless of the seat of a monarchical government of yuan of what “ is big state year public ”“ of ”“ center official residence too the by no means an isolated case such as happiness public ” . Even somebody write in the copy 5 canals from Qing Qianlong times the “ big Mongolia on short bottle becomes hail of Ji Saihan hail model of written characters of ” of ten thousand banzai, inspect infrequent “ black to spend inscriptive ” . Check one word of “ banzai ” , with Song Ren Gao Cheng is in " thing Ji Yuan " medium explanation is most accurate: When “```````` builds 7 nations, numerous place is festival Yu Jun person, all hurrah. Since Qin Han, liege to seeing with gentleman, do obeisance to favour congratulate, rate think constant. ” " demit sea " will place in “ banzai ” seek the put in order that consider? The black flower that already discovered is true implement on write for years paragraph, inscriptive person very exiguous, every sees have inscriptive, year paragraph person ten million should raise vigilance! This is we should remind Tibetan friend people the 7th idea.
The modelling that what method of traditional experience appraisal takes seriously most is implements and grain are acted the role of, it is craft and inscriptions next, final ability is fetal glair and colour makings. When method of eye ancient bronze mirror is being used below contemporary condition most be afraid want big conversed ability to be opposite, the most essential is fetal glair and colour makings close, because the person is an element to jump over,jump over more raise a level easily, and the thing that belongs to nature material sex is not the person that make counterfeit make a holiday follow one's inclinations and can do it.
Of course, the appraisal of afore-mentioned groovy features can not ensure the person that collect to be known in argue bogus really medium 100 percent successful. Ancient porcelain ancient bronze mirror of China hides an activity hundreds years to accumulated method of rich bogus of actual combat argue, for example scale of rust of earth of ”“ of law of appreciation of “ use mark identifies law ”“ to pull fetal nick to detect law ” , it is the valuable experience of effective, broad ancient porcelain collects lover to be besides theory of study convention appraisal, also ought to notice to learn the knowledge of this respect and skill.
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