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Of famille rose and multicoloured china " clam is smooth " bogus of differentiat
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Some play the Tibetan friend of china not to know smooth ” of clam of “ of true and false, because this is collecting famille rose and multicoloured china,often be decieved constantly be duped.
Actually of “ clam smooth ” is to point to clam shell wall the sort of twinkle the light of irregular change, colour porcelain with the passage of time expects in colour all round can produce ” of similar “ clam light, this collects reason bound and travel wife use “ clam smooth ” to have appropriate figure of speech, time of this kind of analogy grew, formed the professional term that collects colour porcelain.

How many years can colour porcelain just appear “ clam smooth ” ? The practice that this can rely on to hide the home only comes test and verify, impossibly an exact time comes demarcate. The reason is very simple, because be the famille rose implements that manages period together together, some implements appeared “ clam smooth ” , some implements do not have smooth ” of occurrence “ clam. No matter be government-owned kiln or the colour porcelain of civilian kiln,every circumstances differs somewhat, smooth ” of occurrence “ clam also can have the colour porcelain that is contemporaneity to have evening early.

I collect for example this is only 9.3 centimeters tall treat famille rose to build a case together, below sunshine side-glance colour makings sees the “ clam smooth ” that shows unreal. This treats famille rose to build a box to calculate together only will be apart from the history that also has 130 years today, but we cannot ground of treat as the same says colour porcelain altogethers to have “ clam smooth ” 130 years with respect to regular meeting quite, can say only enough colour porcelain of 130 years just appears likely “ clam smooth ” .

Perhaps somebody thinks works of Jingdezhen archaize porcelain uses ” of water of “ light produced by electricity now, the smooth ” of false “ clam that vacuum plated film makes can reach the level of mix the false with the genuine, the person that make a holiday actually can make the ” of “ clam light on counterfeit, did not pass through however spatio-temporal competence, become the counterfeit that gives pit in recent years have 200 years of “ of porcelain age ” taste really. Build smooth ” of false “ clam to be able to leave deadly hole necessarily so, this flaw presents a light of clam of “ of true and false ” is bright and different, the eye on the player can say to defeat.

The feature that colour porcelain tastes “ clam smooth ” really is: The “ clam smooth ” that there is ablaze irregular change all round the colour makings of implements picture, of You Yila colour all round for very. The flaw of smooth ” of clam of “ of counterfeit colour porcelain is: The colour of implements picture has on makings ablaze the “ clam smooth ” that makes a holiday, the “ clam smooth ” that go up is tasted really without all round colour makings. The matter need not say more, the embryo of counterfeit is qualitative incorrect, glair color is incorrect, grain act the role ofing is incorrect, nature of “ clam smooth ” is incorrect also, the “ that counterfeit colour porcelain did not taste really porcelain age ” , impossible meeting has colour porcelain to taste the “ clam smooth ” that goes up to be formed naturally really.
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