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Black spends groovy appraisal elementary introduction
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The grain that the cheap copy that black spends tastes is acted the role of is a picture commonly ability is inferior, draw a tiger with a cat as a model-copy, some even scrape together, nondescript. For example, treat Ming Daihong lotus valve edging and clear acting Long Hua spend implements to go up in copy black. This kind of inferior copy tastes look legibility, and advanced copy tastes the grain that go up to act the role of argue knowledge to give or take a lot of trouble more. The painter that Gao Fang tastes trains through art mostly, some still is one's previous experience of major of art of pottery and porcelain, decorative pattern of copy draw black is acted the role of is ” of “ cole dishful to them, according to original copy, handy, even not 2 send.
The grain that tall copy black spends acts the role of emulation degree to be able to divide for a few kinds of circumstances: The first, from grain act the role ofing content looks. Design draws draw of the easiest copy, a few but look genuine; What fruit of hill stone, flowers, tree and animal also can draw is very adept, difficult argue of true and false; Character picture shows flaw the most easily, or permits graph copy, travel pen is dull, lack taste really use an arbitrary fluent sense; Or modelling scale is beyond the mark and precise, expression is unusually rich, expose the profile strength that gives modern art division adequately; The 2nd, look from painterly work force. Archaic painter although study of from a child, or seek instruction from a master, or handed down from the older generations of the family, but have contemporary sketch, sketchy accomplishment impossibly anyhow. So though adroitness freelies, lack precise scale and clairvoyant relationship however. Along with heart add details to a painting, verve make public, do not beg carefully and nearly accurate, as long as lively and vivid. Contemporary copy black is beautiful implement painterly respect just is acted the role of to attack without this kind in grain catch the characteristic with lifelike of succinct, hyperbole, boundless interest. Know well is ripe these characteristics that draw ability are the key with argue counterfeit true knowledge. Consequently, the description of the theory that goes up by hep book only and mode sex is no good, the observation objective specimen that relapses for a long time only and reliable plan are recorded, just can arrive from sensibility reason, realize an among them difference, experienced the eyesight with respect to be perceptive of the slightest.
Needing what emphasize particularly is, because black is beautiful the quantity that live a life is exiguous, discover grain acts the role of identical implements very hard at present, accordingly, the “ black that faces those pictures to name of holding of world each district tastes grain to act the role of spends curiosa ” , xiao He of such as “ chases after ask ab. to take up a resposible post repeatedly of Han Xin ”“ month”
“ comes ” of bottle of ear of elephant of 11 years of inscription, must not take seriously please, or ask: Why does “ produce only? ” this view sounds it seems that one is assured and bold with justice, it is actually via removing deliberate. And is the odds that not says to let you come up against had after all? Chan Ping this kind of thing already of group rank appear, conclusion is already clear. Come up against somebody to be hawked to you when with black of holding of foregone nature science beautiful curiosa grain acts the role of similar “ black to spend curiosa ” , should special raise vigilance! This is we should remind Tibetan friend people the 5th idea.
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