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The grain of ancient china acts the role of design commentate
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The appearance of decorative pattern design on Chinese ancient porcelain originates the past dynasties culture of the Chinese nation, also representing China's ancient traditional culture art. Its form those who have the Confucian school, Buddhist with Taoism, and a few lay things, shirt-sleeve was together. The person that serve as an appraisal looks not to understand to a few implied meaning of design, say to not be clear about, also be one big regret. Because this is right,the design mark on china is made one brief commentate, to appraisal person for, also benefit somewhat.

1. Master drawing case is Long Fengcheng one Long Yifeng. The fokelore of dragon is very much, the document of account is much also, but what rise dragon and imperial connection is minister change " history write down " , " great-great-grandfather this discipline " say: "It is dark of the last day of a lunar month of Shi Lei report, great-grandfather is gone to inspect, see midge dragon go up at its, just have a body, produce great-great-grandfather then. " phoenix is installed in Liu " south the Huaihe River child " the bird that the auspicious sign that be called begins in one book, xiong Yuefeng, female say feng4huang2. Long Feng is the bird of auspicious animal luck in people heart, where occurrence dragon, where to have Feng Laiyi, indicative the world is too smooth, golden harvests.

2. 2 Long Huzhu graphs are two Yun Long an igneous bead. " elegant " in have " Long Zhu is in jaw " view. Long Zhu is considered as a kind of treasure bead, can avoid extreme misery. Have 2 Long Huzhu, also group of Long Huzhu and Yun Long hold birthday in both hands, it is to state lucky Antai and Zhu Song are restful the meaning with long life.

3. Ichthyosaur change design has one cloud dragon for the sky, there is one carp in water. Or one Long Shouli body; Or one carp breaks up jump Yu Long over the door. Ancient time has the fokelore of door of dragon of carp fish dive, always the carp can jump over dragon door, with respect to alterable Hua Chenglong, cannot jump over dragon door, order the specified number and return, the carp of reason Yellow River has red to be in more forehead, it is the fish that did not jump over dragon door. Door of fish dive dragon states high official position gets a way, the meaning that change flies swiftly upward.

4. Crane birthday chelonian age, chelonian crane is the same as age design all is one chelonian one crane. " charm meets " : "The length that chelonian is beetle " . Chelonian birthday all ages, be long life is indicative; The crane is celestial being birds, " Cui leopard Gu Jin notes " : "Crane chiliad changes dark green, 2000 years old blacken, alleged Xuan He also. " chelonian crane is the same as age, enjoy the meaning of longevity together therefore.

5. Songhe delays year of design to be crane and pine. " the word says " : "Of Song Baimu long " ; " ceremony · sacrificial vessel " : "Song Baizhi is intentional also, be linked together four from time to time do not change Keyixie " . Loose, symbolize on behalf of long life besides, still serve as annals, geniculate symbolizes. Reason loose crane is delayed year have a prolong life already, also have the idea with records exalted division.
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