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Black spends groovy appraisal elementary introduction
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Below color of qualitative embryo of modelling of ancient porcelain, embryo, enamel glair color, blue material, grain act the role ofing, craft and inscriptive the appreciation that waits for a respect, talk about a few individual opinion:
One, implement form. When expert of appraisal of ancient in the past porcelain faces an appraisal object, the model that sees it above all is right incorrect. Mr Feng Xianming has said: Modelling and grain act the role of the crucial question that “ is appraisal china, seize this two fields, the reliable coefficient of appraisal can amount to 85%” .
Ace of contemporary archaize porcelain uses method of science and technology to undertake accurate test is mixed repeatedly experiment, already can master the fire shrinkage of the fetal mud of all sorts of recipes completely, on the modelling that makes Gao Fang is tasted thereby almost OK the degree of true and false of difficult differentiate of be favored with of be favored with, so, chan Ping observes and contrast implement form do not have with cannot assuring appraisal completely by accident. We must remember, ancient porcelain appraisal is an omnibus science, should adopt a division to be differentiated from the one by one on all element that constitute implements. If the opinion is weighed the implements that spends ” for “ black is the same as black flower to be tasted really on modelling do not look to give a difference, we can think to exclude a doubtful point on modelling only just, be in even differentiate true bogus from other side. The right likelihood on modelling is true implement, also may be counterfeit, but modelling is incorrect is fake certainly! This is we do not remind the Tibetan friend that loves black flower people the first idea.
2, embryo color of qualitative, embryo. Dai Heyuan of Jingdezhen kiln the Song Dynasty is inchoate all make base mashed vegetable or fruit with onefold porcelain stone, call a yuan of recipe. Mud of this kind of base belongs to property of tall silicon low aluminium, firing temperature is normally under 1200C, kiln is lukewarm tallish build content of become a useful person easily to be out of shape namely. Yuan acting metaphase, development adds the binary recipe of kaolin of high aluminous content into porcelain stone, fireproof degree can amount to 1300C above, in make sure implements does not produce metabolic condition to fall, the porcelain with qualitative embryo changes the vitrification degree of degree and enamel to get rising.
The porcelain that black spends deserves to although got optimizing,be applied just as a result of n duality character, but color of qualitative, embryo shows the limitation that still is machined a level at that time by raw material, fetus the following feature: It is white and not fine, the raw material that make china is good but machine with water-powered trip-hammer, the method is more backward; 2 it is thick and not loose, fetal earth grain is thicker but agglomeration is close together; 3 it is embellish of be bored with does not work, fetal mud passes stale working procedure, not only raised plasticity, and firing hind the embryo is qualitative moist; 4 be there is small hole more inside the embryo unoccupied place.
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