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Black spends groovy appraisal elementary introduction
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Tell from philosophy, of aught be modelled on, include the “ clone ” that present tense promotes, can distinct and cannot become absolutely really. True counterfeit cannot differentiate, can saying only is in argue bogus ability (namely argue bogus thought and argue bogus method) on backward with be modelled on level.
Beautiful Gao Fang tastes some black to go up in blue material colour and lustre now really close already distinct, not only color is adjacent, and also have a large number of issueing sunken the ” of “ iron rusty spot that shows ” of “ Xi Guang. Actually, the entrance cobaltic material that black flower uses is in show color to go up originally not uniform and identical, in the kiln that not allow lukewarm below, because of the strong weak difference of oxidation or reducing atmosphere, time appear a variety of effects that show scene: Some colour and lustre are deeper, some is more shallow, some is dizzy medicinal powder serious, some is less dizzy medicinal powder; Underfire person the generation in blueness is grey, ham person deep La Zi is black; Firing temperature appropriate, kiln on beautiful person show scene extremely beautiful colourful, composed and fresh and green. Contrast counterfeits really, I think of the hardest copy have at 2 o'clock: One is the La Zhongwei of the special —— that show scene that Su Ma expects from blueness extensive is violet, qing Zhongyun is weak green; Another is the lubricious makings in path of pen of grain act the role ofing gets together shrink phenomenon. These two characteristics ought to be an entrance revive the natural and mineral complex part in makings (include the other drop beyond oxidation cobalt mineral composition) in specific kiln the special chemistry of the fire below friendly atmosphere reacts and synthetic effect, the person that make a holiday is become before broken interpret cannot look genuine.
So, if go up to divide true and false hard from colour and lustre, how to have will differentiate Su Ma of true and false to expect from blueness? I look ought to notice the following: The first, see ” of “ iron rusty spot whether reasonably distributing? ” of “ iron rusty spot is the blueness in grain act the role ofing what a large number of iron of makings dense place is ionic gathering and form via oxidizing 2 times, have its special distributinging law. Copy black flower is in chemical blueness makings added more iron element, firing hind also can appear “ :  Jing?rdquo; , also can have sparkle ” of “ Xi Guang. But, the ” of “ iron rusty spot that copy tastes is in distributing on, some too over- , the density of ” of “ iron rusty spot and chroma exceeded Su Ma to leave the content of the iron in blue material composition greatly; Have a plenty of what make up artificially in the reoccupy after grain acts the role of scale to contain iron to measure extremely high makings water 2 times answer pen add details to a painting, attentive observation, can discover the thought trace that make, be in even shallow the ” of “ iron rusty spot that weak blueness ought not to appear originally on decorative pattern act the role ofing; The 2nd, does decorative pattern of keep watch over the ripening crops act the role of the appearance of condensation polymerization of shape of a string of beads that lubricious stuff has in pen path? The phenomenon of condensation polymerization of shape of a string of beads of this kind of lubricious makings, not only using dense blueness to expect garment of big daub character acts the role of the meeting when waiting for a part to appear, when answering the filament such as grain with great stuff draw the outline of sometimes, also can appear. The amount expression of this kind of phenomenon is the photograph of admirable and elegant degree that spends goods with black is consistent. More excellent person less, conversely opposite more. It is what reason be caused by after all, still have no official report at present, somebody considers as blue material abrade not fine, stay have atomic be caused by, I see likelihood and blue material clean out refine, go miscellaneous craft level is concerned. Certain copy tasted fabricant most propbably to also discover this one phenomenon and imitate painstakingly, but the effect is extremely factitious; The 3rd, of tread of expect of keep watch over the ripening crops sink adherent phenomenon. Su Ma is bigger from blue material proportion, in fire the Wen Zhengchang that be like kiln won't diffuse to glaze, happen in glair juice ground floor however dizzy medicinal powder. Side sees glaze can discover all blueness expect grain acts the role of a part to have next sunken appearances, it is blueness expects extremely weak point is not quite obvious only.
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