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Black spends groovy appraisal elementary introduction
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In last few years the black beautiful heat that ancient porcelain collects a bound warms up continuously, mix on home market the “ black in collector hand spends ” thousands of even the occurrence of tens of thousands of, a lot of ancient porcelain lover of agitate of controversy of true and false water of a mist. As on July 12, 2005 London beautiful person on auction meeting one mallet is noisy, value makes an appointment with 267 million RMB (by place at that time convert of exchange rate list price) black of downhill ” picture spends “ ghost millet big pot is carried off by entrepreneur of American wall street, proclaimed the black beautiful amount that folk of alleged “ China collects exceeds ” of the sum of foreign museum holding the absurdity of this kind of subjective theory, also proclaimed domestic and international certain have a few, what black of hundreds of “ spends dream of money of great collector ” is undone. Content with rare for expensive, what the black that international prices place mirrors instead spends is rare the tremendous contrast of as breathtaking as domestic folk “ ” Tibetan an amount, really thought-provoking.
Current, have more with broad what the friends that are fond of yuan of blue and white porcelain to collect discuss how to differentiate true bogus black to spend is necessary, in order to facilitate everybody comes down calmly, avoid to weigh skip Ming Jiajing is multicoloured 2000 Yu Zaowen big pot is in after Hong Kong is auctioned with 44 million Hongkong dollar, inland appears in great quantities its copy is tasted is not exaggerate sth just to scare people, because, the contemporary copy of big pot of flower of black of downhill ” picture tastes “ ghost millet to had made a success by the expert in Jingdezhen, hit be modelled on inscriptions makes public a sale. But somebody of regular also meeting is made a few do not hit be modelled on the counterfeit of inscriptions covers a person.
Explain above all, blue and white porcelain is in yuan of generation burn except Jingdezhen outside building, and other places of brook of Yunnan province jade also uses local porcelain clay and blue material to burn go to. The black flower that bound of ancient now porcelain tells and beautiful to black appraisal, show Jingdezhen Yuan Daiqing spends porcelain commonly. And the “ that beautiful porcelain can divide Jingdezhen Yuan Daiqing to import Su Ma to expect from blueness scale grain is acted the role of to use again comes model porcelain of ” high-quality goods and with homebred the ordinary porcelain that asked scale grain to act the role of, the object that article place should discuss is to point to former.
Cultural relic appraisal belongs to standard learning category, namely it wants have the aid of foregone, passing scientific textual research is accurate without by accident representative sample, come to be being differentiated material has trade off study, in order to decide by the times of content of ancient bronze mirror, property, with the feature. China appraisal also is such.
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