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The two big characteristics of enamel colour china and appraisal essentials
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Enamel colour china is in Qing Kangxi's emperor the new breed that incite sb to do sth falls and creates personally, because be modelled on to draw an enamel at cupreous embryo implement, so enamel variety says porcelain embryo draws an enamel again. Of enamel colour china make unlike other china, make embryo of high grade element by factory of Jingdezhen drive kiln first, send to palace, draw by palace painter again, build by clear palace finally do the enamel mill of place to have fire 2 times. Enamel colour is initiative Yu Kangxi later period, top flower is Yong Zheng period to come Qianlong period. But the enamel colour level of Yong Zheng period is top, craft is the most beautiful. Qianlong period turns to famille rose slowly, reason enamel colour ends Yu Qianlong later period, still have one part china at the same time its frit has enamel glair and famille rose coexistence. Because Kang Xi period still belongs to porcelain embryo to draw an enamel to consider to make period, modelling of enamel of picture of embryo of Kang Xi porcelain is accordingly opposite less. In addition, because Kang Xi period is the newly established period of porcelain of colour of clear acting enamel, it is no matter in colour glair, modelling, huge limitation still exists on the technology that make, because the sort of porcelain of colour of enamel of this Kang Xi and Yong Qian are compared,appear appreciably is drab.

Two big characteristics

The first, its amount is not much, because the enamel colour difficulty that make is great, cost is high, often make an enamel pyxis want fine draw of draw of essence of life 3 to 4 months time, so of be handed down from ancient times very few. According to existent data statistic, yong Zheng will come 13 years 7 years on August 14 October, show it is “ bowl into enamel colour 80 pairs 17, dish 44 pairs, wine is round 36 pairs, dish 12 pairs, tea is round 26 pairs 3, bottle 6 pairs of ” . Current, adduction of whole world limits hides porcelain of colour of clear palace enamel to have many 400, nearly 200 spend lubricious breed.

The 2nd, without same two enamels color. Painterly design is chosen by palace painter proper motion when element embryo enters palace, because of every enamel implement alone brushwork, enamel colour is called porcelain of ” of “ Gu Yuexuan, an arrange is not had in colour of enamel of be handed down from ancient times however this, ” of “ Gu Yuexuan also became the pronoun of identity of enamel colour nobility.

Appraisal essentials

■ porcelain embryo: Porcelain embryo is fine thin, write fetal regulation, intact, it is small mostly, more than one rule is old scarce.

■ modelling: The of everyday use that is and so on of crock of bowl, bottle, smoke more is little porcelain and animal decoration are tasted.

■ bottom axis: For pure white axis, impartiality is green also impartiality is yellow, meridional plane is smooth and clean without defect.
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