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Chongqing discovers by 2000 more than blue and white porcelain bowl build by lay
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The cascade of green beautiful bowl in coffin chamber gets special tight, space is very little, irrigate again on oar of polished glutinous rice and 3 add up to ash to finalize the design. City archaeology place offers a plan
■ this one clear acting grave is located in goose mountain below market street

■ the expert says: Special bury common is " emigrant culture " child

"The our city has great archaeology to discover again! " yesterday, place of archaeology of city cultural relic discloses, branch of our city archaeology was recently below an artery of mountain of goose of the area in be located in change discovered a special Qing Dynasty is acting barrow: By 2000 many blueness actually Hua Wanlei becomes grave! To this, archaeology expert says, "Bowl grave " in the our city very infrequent, have very important cultural relic to study value.

The driveway transforms disinter " bowl grave "

On August 24 morning, tens of renown workers are opposite goose mountain the driveway before the street prints 2 factories door undertakes road construction.

"Hey, dig a bowl! " a worker is in after digging open circuit area, scoop comes up against a green beautiful bowl suddenly. He was not cared about at that time, throw the bowl at the same time. Who knows, the 2nd shovel goes down, more blueness spends a bowl from underground " risk " come out,

"This this factory making a bowl that is not before! " construction personnel reported instantly cultural relic management department. City archaeology place receives a newspaper to expedite a staff member to hurry to the spot instantly.

Via disentombing, archaeology personnel discovers, this is infrequent " bowl grave " : In be apart from below road road surface 60 centimeters of place, mouth of bowl of each blueness beautiful bowl is right jackknife of layer of bowl bottom layer rises, base becomes vaulted, formed coffin chamber, bier and taste along with bury be put among them, the door of barrow uses step of small block base.

Barrow ever met with bandits " patronage "

The coffin chamber that becomes with bowl base was pressed below the artery of heavy traffic so old, and the bowl basically does not have attaint however, what reason is this? Archaeology expert says, cascade of these green beautiful bowl get special tight, space is very little, plus irrigate went up oar of polished glutinous rice and 3 add up to ash to finalize the design, originally flimsy china bowl and clay be in harmony for an organic whole, so won't broken.

As we have learned, archaeology personnel ever thought in mining a bowl is alone " dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed " come out, but very difficult, will make chemically article finally detached.

But so solid grave also had not escaped of thief of rob a tomb " patronage " , archaeology expert discovers this grave is crossed early by pilfer, a few scattering skeleton are left only in decayed coffin, taste along with bury disappear, grave advocate the identity also became a puzzle accordingly.
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