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The congress of collector of Chinese of bookman elegant collect of present-day m
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This is the bookman elegant collect of present-day meaning.

There is China to collect in element " half of country " Shanghai, congress of 2008 Chinese collector kicked off in center of Shanghai international conference yesterday. The kind that resembles collecting is various and complex, each collector backside also has a different story, some collector learn because of the home origin and collect from brief summary predestined relationship, some collector are only because accidental with the encountering like flint of heart institute good light produced by electricity the introduction is collected, cannot help doing sth. Famous collector Zhang Zongxian was yesterday " collector " the definition below 3 words is: "Collect a thing 3 days 5 days, that is not collector; Collect, do not sell all one's life, if the descendants after dying does not donate museum, that ability is true collector. Collector does not make a living with collecting. "

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An audience is tasted in Shanghai museum admire archaic cultural relic to exhibit Zhang Dong of morning paper data

The theme of congress of 2008 Chinese collector is Shanghai " collect -- feel Wen Mingyi to raise affection to send " , congress considers to be a purpose with driving a Chinese to collect culture, promote health collect a concept, the individual of the person that promotion is collected is cultural. The conference gives priority to body with Chinese collector, attract the 600 much people such as artist, artistic agent to show up at the same time, congress theme forum and special subject forum invited domestic and international famous learned man, collector, connoisseur, ma Wei of scholastic Yu Qiuyu, painter Ding Shaoguang, collector, south wild goose of king of firm of fine heart auction, Taiwan is famous curator of museum of Li Daming of collector of Gu Tao porcelain of collector Hong Sanxiong, Hong Kong, Shanghai old.

Hold 2008 Chinese collector plenary meeting of Shanghai, the purpose is the platform that provides communication for global Chinese collector, drive collect culture research and China culture transmission. Congress organizing committee still is interviewed compiled 3 congress document, it is respectively " collect culture to consider " , " collect academic research " , " congress is interviewed collection " .
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