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New house of house of Chinese science and technology redefine china new " 4 big
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Prepare through a year many " miraculous Nature's engineering -- , cultural relic of creation of Chinese ancient time is exhibited " , already began in new house of house of Chinese science and technology a few days ago. Exhibit this greatly by bureau of national cultural relic and Chinese division assist sponsor jointly, of redefine new " 4 big inventions " -- , silk, bronze, papermaking pressworks and china first collective appears.

Our country ancient time first civilian created a lot of miracles, also invented the exclamatory thing that makes a world factitious. Say from the amount, those who affect the world is far more than so called " 4 big inventions " , have more inventions and creation however. Be like: Medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns, calendar of spin, reckoning by the abacus, astronomy waits without number a moment, silk is one of creation inventions with Chinese important ancient time, create invention photograph to appear than having with other the earliest, application the widest, transmission farthermost, technology is highest 4 big characteristics; The invention of china, extremely lofty status is enjoyed on more alive bound, earned (porcelain country China) proprietary title. However, to our country ancient time of 4 big inventions say, all through the ages is controversy ceaseless.

As we have learned, of the 4 big inventions of so-called tradition say, it is by British philosopher · earths up Fulanxisi root and Sinology home Aiyaose most put forward first. · earths up Fulanxisi the root thinks typographic, gunpowder, compass " invent the the thing whole face inside limits of already alive bound and circumstance 3 kinds this to be changed. " and Aiyaose of home of missionary, Sinology adds papermaking method in afore-mentioned 3 big inventions, he points out when comparing Japan and China: "We must remember forever, they (point to Japan) not as typographic, papermaking, compass, with gunpowder the sort of outstanding invention " . · earths up Fulanxisi the root is a famous politician, philosopher, although earth up the root is science to point to passerby, but he is not a scientist however, also not be what archaeologist, he does not follow to go up even he while the evolutional pace that acting person place obtains. · earths up Fulanxisi the view that the view of the root just represents its individual and viewpoint, and the 3 big inventions that 3 kinds of inventions that its indicate are not our country ancient time, it is 3 kinds of inventions of the west however. Ai Yaose is home of a missionary, Sinology, what he points out " 4 big inventions " it is in the light of the country such as Japan character only, narrowed on limits only a lot of.

Traditional " 4 big inventions " say, already more and more getting that people is oppugned. And some experts still point out our ancestor place one by one of creation " typographic, gunpowder, compass " with the west " typographic, gunpowder, compass " having essential distinction. Like us archaic person invents " gunpowder " it is actually " black gunpowder " , will on the military affairs have major effect after that " gunpowder " be European invention " yellow gunpowder " . Same, what person of our ancient time is invented and use is water compass, of European invention is drought compass is waited a moment. This shows, traditional " 4 big inventions " say to exist to be in falsely really. If all the time incorrectly relay an erroneous information or exaggerated its decline continues, show what we lack science to be realistic not only manner, because deceive oneself as well as others,still be met and mock by other. And new " 4 big inventions " put forward, not only it is pair of traditions " 4 big inventions " a kind of challenge, still be a tradition " 4 big inventions " made update.
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