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Jing of mew lake urban district has china of Tang Song period inside ancient rel
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On October 8, shopping mall of business of distance of people of mew lake city transforms Jing of the end austral the project to count square metre ancient relics now, already got this city cultural relic manages place archaeology personnel to affirm at present. The discovery of this one ancient relics, provided the archaeology basis of full and accurate to study historical evolution of Chao Cheng and position evolve.

During National Day golden week, the member that shopping mall of people distance business transforms engineering construction person is in picket radical construction discovery, around position of theater of this city original people, make an appointment with from place area 56 have the coffin with a few larger volume in rice, think the place may have barrow, get in touch with management department of city cultural relic then. The member that city cultural relic manages place archaeology person drives the spot to reconnaissance at once, undertook affirming to this.

8 days morning, the member that this city cultural relic manages place archaeology person undertakes disentombing clearing to the place grave, archaeology personnel discovers vestigial range is bigger and bigger, arm in the former division that reside mew even place buy discovered a large number of elegant ceramics. Archaeology personnel immediately enlarges limits to undertake investigation, reconnaissance again, affirm people finally below Lu Naduan basic and all it is archaic relics. The member that this one discovery lets the archaeology person of the spot is open-eyed unceasingly.

Classics reconnaissance, the place that considers as grave so should be the grey hole that handles ancient time, there is the relic of terrine of articles for daily use already inside hole, the housing materials that also has ancient time pulls the relic of made of baked clay, canister tile, eaves tile, still have the skeleton of the animal even. According to this city article Qian Yuchun of strong point tubal place introduces, a large number of elegant ceramics that in the former division that reside mew armed place buy discovers, from make reach firing look on craft, times feature is very apparent, ought to belong to the china of Tang Song period, but the Tao Pian inside the place grey hole and animal skeleton, times feature is not apparent, the likelihood is Tang Huo the hangover of earlier period.

Fund director says, the accumulation of the subterranean culture layer from Chao Cheng can see, city of mew of historical data account only then be being built at Tang Dynasty is reliable, the accumulation of the culture layer that takes the place of to Qing Dynasty from Tang Dynasty is very clear, so the soil that between Song Daiwei content and bright generation hangover existence wears 3.5 meters piles up, should big human activity is caused. According to historical data account, the Chao Cheng when bright generation once had undertaken matters pertaining to defense of large-scale the city zone is built, of the excavate that includes moat and city wall build, preliminary conclude city of bright generation mew is when excavate moat, accumulation extraction land within the city wall, make heighten of city inland situation arrives present height, be helpful for prevent or control flood and drive so enemy. At present Chao Cheng still is remaining partial city wall, OK and apparent ground sees the relief tower above inside the city 34 meters, among them partly Ming Daixiu is built.
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