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Porcelain of ashes of the dead of dignitary of long dry temple covers drain.
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[dragon tiger net reports] Nanjing citizen flies to like to collect china at ordinary times into course of study, 3 big when this ancestor that in liking source oneself, collects stays precious blue and white porcelain implement, and these china out " house " -- , come from Yu Jinling to grow dry temple.

Yesterday, in the home that flies into course of study, the reporter saw he inspects the blue and white porcelain that is like jewellery, listened to him to tell about the legend antecedents of these blue and white porcelain.

Out " house " sealed true and false

Before seeing a thing, flew to speak of their legend source first into course of study. He tells a reporter, this is the ancestral content of his home, it is its ancestral Cong Jinling is taken in long dry temple. Into the gentleman's ancestors Ceng Zaichang does temple sound the night watches, and it is to be hit technically 3 more. Ordinary at that time common people is impossible to have so fine china in the home, live or compare pinch, and these a few china see in growing dry temple into the gentleman's ancestors, consider as very rare some, take it with respect to on the sly, as cherished tradition, generation generation ground lets his descendants be being withheld.

The reporter asks this ancestral content has had how many years, say into the gentleman: "I also not quite know, just handed down, my grandfather generation, father generation is only well save. " tell a reporter into the gentleman, these baby still pass without classics expert appraisal, nevertheless he believes is to be tasted really. As pay a debt of gratitude greatly recently the towers of 7 Bao Ayo king in temple ground Gong Tiehan send disinter earth, he believes these china are to be tasted really more. Ask its the reason, think into the gentleman so, these thing out do a temple at growing, and pay a debt of gratitude greatly the predecessor of temple tower is the tower of A Yo king that builds black of Yu Dong Wu Chi 3 years. This tower is located in in long dry temple, and a long dry temple is archaic Nanjing famous cloister, so he thinks the value of these china should be very high also.

Modelling is delicate utility not common

Later, the has certain height article that took out cautiously to had been built by cloth into the gentleman. After opening, it is 4 overlay rise " dish " , bowl body is the stipple of Titian, in the circle full point still uses red to draw the outline of circuit. Into the gentleman the explanation says, this is called " stipple of Luoyang beautiful bee builds coffin " , be Song Dai.

Can look in the reporter, this is a bowl previously. Say into gentleman laugh, the person that does not know sees can say " the cap that this is not Gai Sha boiler " ! Not be actually, this still has very special use, listen to on one generation to say, this is the monk die in the temple when use buckle instead in urn upside, say simply even if build urn, but not all monk is qualified get this, it is the cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine with particular need ability is possible.
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