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China of 31 Tang Song of gouge of Central Plains campus.
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Chinese network news (Wang Hui of reporter Shang Weizhi's trainee) recently, when building site of 31 construction of Central Plains campus are digging picket radical unexpectedly gouge Tangsong Yuan Mingqing the china fragment of each dynasty, bring so that a few citizens buy eagerly " cultural relic " , yesterday, the expert that save rich discloses, ceramics value is not very great, can collect as example only.

Yesterday afternoon 3 when make, the reporter is in Wuhan city campus of 31 Central Plains one construction site
See, the gouge on 3000 construction site of Duopingmi more than 20 deep well, there is black all round 78 wells among them silty. One laborer weighs building site, these wells make an appointment with 13 meters greatly, fragment of a few china, copper cash much from these silty in dig comes out. A lot of people come recently here buy fragment, copper cash to wait, some one gouge will be bought.

It is at the door building site, the reporter encounters the one man that the name wears nail of a dark horse many years old 30, he is carrying thing of half snakeskin bag to walk out of building site. Therewith of reporter remaining part comes be the first to rise in revolt near gate of market of garden antique artwork. Wayside opposite an antique store, this man pours the thing in snakeskin bag on the ground. See only a few was stained with silty china fragment, have fist volume almost, there is green beautiful pattern above some. Subsequently, this man goes a water to crouch in roadside to clean these fragments carefully from ancient end playing inn. The reporter sees the china fragment that a few size differ.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter sought advice from province museum custodial ministry Director Cai. He tells a reporter, each dynasty have Yuan Mingqing of the Tangsong in these fragments, but because be a fragment, do not have integrality, and cannot judge layer and grave, so value is not very great, can collect as example only.

According to Yao of detachment of check of bureau of Wuhan city cultural relic deputy detachment grows the introduction, the spot perambulate of they and expert of institute of Wuhan city archaeology makes clear, what this building site digs is a Song Dai only layer of accumulation of the following culture, archaeology of these fragment of china of broken, deformed disentomb value is not great, show without evidence place of this building site has archaic grave, accordingly, this building site can continue construction.

Yao deputy detachment is long say, check detachment already the spot enjoins person specially assigned for a task of engineering construction square group is responsible, unified the china fragment that collects laborer gouge, do not allow the fragment of private business gouge.

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