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Ceramics of copper cash of construction site gouge draws everybody " find treasu
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Chinese network news (reporter Chen Jixiong) go up oneself since lunar base, wu Changfu permits one construction site, use labour personnel
Often from picket base since Tang Song of the gouge in the well the ancient objects such as copper cash, ceramics, crockery, bring numerously the citizen heads for this building site " find treasure " .

This building site and street of building of fierce prosperous yellow crane read community photograph adjacent, be located in 31 Lieutenant Colonel districts of former Wuhan city. Building site laborer holds the post of gentleman introduction, from last month the bottom begins, fellow workers now and then from the canister of pottery and porcelain with subterranean broken gouge, the ancient copper cash with cupreous crock, Tie Ding and rubiginous full of stains or spots mark. After the message of ancient objects of gouge of this building site comes out, everyday tens of citizens come to the spot group by group, or buy ancient objects to the worker, or close automatic hand breaks up look for baby.

Eve and yesterday, the reporter heads for the spot twice, the person finding treasure that sees 10 much a famous player hold shovel and scoop seeks treasure in clay. Claim the man of surname plum says, these days, he comes every day building site, with the 50 prices to 100 money, bought many Tang Song ceramics and copper cash from inside hand of building site laborer. Personnel of another female construction hawks a submit a written statement to a higher authority to the reporter " day yuan connect treasure " copper cash, ask a price 10 yuan.

City archaeology institute does not wish to divulge the expert of the full name says, yesterday afternoon, city and combination of fierce prosperous area expedite expert group, headed for this building site to undertake spot perambulate. Preliminary find out, this building site 7 since be being put in Tang Song really in 8 meters of deep layer historic site, among them " day yuan connect treasure " copper cash is secret of folk of clear minor details turn over Qing Fuming to organize " heaven and earth is met " in-house and current money, the amount that live a life is large, not costly.

Expert group investigates discovery, still show without evidence place of this building site has archaic grave or main building relics. So, the plan that civil canal branch did not have rescue sex disentombs to layer of this building site, this building site can continue construction.

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