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Lukewarm city Tai Shunfa shows location of 5 place ancient kiln.
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Afterwards arranges a county in peaceful garrison post of 100 a unit of length is new after discovering site of 7 place ancient kiln, team of census of cultural relic of peaceful suitable county a few days ago, in this county 旸 presses down field new discovery on the west location of 5 place ancient kiln. 旸 town is town of military importance of pottery and porcelain of this county raw production, china on the west, the product ever sold as far as to hill outside,

The china that discovers this in kiln location is for the most part in mountain forest brushwood, it is better to save a circumstance, main implement model bowl, basin, dish, small cup, canister, crock waits, china surface is given priority to with cyan glair, few number is hoar or sauce Brown glair, glair color is fruitier. The embryo is qualitative firm close, show hoar. A few bowls of interior trim has score to coil careless grain and water ripple, the part is more delicate.

According to textual research, peaceful suitable county makes porcelain history long, fill at period of two the Song Dynasty, the product has the celadon of the black vitreous enamel that suffers the pale porcelain that kiln affects Jiangxi Jingdezhen and Fujian to build kiln to affect and influence of dragon spring kiln, still have the blue and white porcelain of period of bright Qing Dynasty, its fire history continues to Qing Chaonai to come all the time now. The site of 7 place ancient kiln that town of before this 100 a unit of length discovers includes 4 part blue and white porcelain of celadon kiln, 3 place kiln, these discovery provided important objective data to study phylogeny of this county china. (origin: Wen Zhou daily)

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