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CCTV Meizhou searchs treasure to single out kiln of Tang Dynasty sprinkler 4 dep
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Report from our correspondent recently, sponsor by municipal government of Meizhou municipal Party committee, Meizhou, association of the collector between couplet of city company division, citizen undertakes " 2008 CCTVs CCTV ' find treasure ' walk into Meizhou " answer excerption sows an activity to be held in Mei Cheng. The kiln of Tang Dynasty sprinkler that young lady of chrysanthemum of this city the Kingdom of Wei collects 4 departments canister is entered from many 100 answer show itself in chosen treasure, be judged to be Meizhou " civilian national treasure " .

The reporter sees in the spot, enter answer the Tibetan home that selects the site people be filled with joy, of person is in the home or friend accompany below, carry beloved treasure, expect is worn the appraisal result of experts. City of Wang Chun of expert of capital museum researcher, china, culture ministry artwork evaluates Wang Lijun of expert of council vice director, bronze ware, researcher of museum of the Imperial Palace, miscellaneous an expert Zhang Shufen, the member that the expert such as Jin Yunchang of vice director of department of researcher of museum of the Imperial Palace, ancient painting and calligraphy is comprised, to entering answer many 100 when choose are involved pottery and porcelain, painting and calligraphy, bronze ware, miscellaneous add up to item-by-item of treasure of 4 kinds of big folk has identification. Through the evaluation that just fairness publishs, singled out 4 to await anthology " civilian national treasure " enter " evaluate round judge " level. Final, the evaluation group that collects a person of academic or artistic distinction and public figure composition by national level expert, place is chosen to be being awaited 4 times " civilian national treasure " undertake evaluating, think consistently, 4 departments canister is in kiln of Tang Dynasty sprinkler the economic culture characteristic that 4 Hou Xuanbao can represent Meizhou most in content, have bright historical feature and fair cultural relic value at the same time, achieved selection Meizhou " civilian national treasure " standard. Announce 4 departments canister obtains kiln of Tang Dynasty sprinkler finally choose Meizhou " civilian national treasure " .

According to evaluating round expert appraisal, obtain chosen Meizhou " civilian national treasure " -- , 4 departments canister has kiln of Tang Dynasty sprinkler 1 000 old histories, implement model huge, glair color jade-like stone embellish, it is the masterpiece of sprinkler kiln celadon, also be Meizhou of long history culture indicative, it is Central Plains culture is mixed more 100 jump over culture to blend the strong testimony of an organic whole.

It is reported, CCTV " " find treasure " walk into Meizhou " the program is 60 minutes long, will be in October CCTV, 2 gold period of time head sow, becoming Zhou Chong is sowed twice.

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