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Yunnan hides the home to have
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Mr Wang wants to let more person see its fragrant look

A few days ago, a gentleman of surname king is taking big pot of a china to seek appraisal of province collector association, after a few experts look, preliminary predicate black spends coal tub, to affirm further, they sent this association ancient pottery and porcelain to detect coal tub lab, ask the world's most advanced German EDX-3600L ancient ceramics to detect analyzer detects, detect the result lets everybody be mad with joy. Detect the data that come out and the data that black spends exactly like, its are decided finally to be black to spend character grain canister, li Dekun of chairman of province collector association says, this is heretofore what discover in elder brother is the biggest save the most in good condition black to spend coal tub, value is potential on 100 million yuan.

Look from configuration, the design of this canister and implement look look is consistent, elegant and clinking. Why is this canister so curious? Folk collects grand sight -- Chinese artwork auctions meeting Yunnan to saved agency director Wang Shengwei to speak all the details, the brushwork on this canister is the enjoyable picture with yuan of famous generation, because of yuan acting opera be current, of this picture draw is Chi Weigong the story of odd whip savior, the character's bearing is drawn quite distinctly, still deserve to have pattern of flowers and plants, these pictures resemble is what draw on rice paper is same, have yuan of generation to draw the feature with relaxed and elegant, free and easy wind. Have yuan acting brushwork can stay passing had been invaluable up to now, it is draw what is more,the rather that complete on china reservation comes down, its value is not so average of course. Likewise a similar black spends character grain canister, collect pause in American Persia art gallery, of its draw is the character picture with ghost downhill millet, 2005, beautiful person must be auctioned in British London, clinch a deal with fifteen million six hundred and eighty-eight thousand pound, amount to RMB is 230 million yuan, of that canister have 27.5 centimeter high only, path is wide have 33 centimeter. And this blueness that discovers in elder brother spends character grain canister, tall 28.7 centimeter, path is wide 35.5 centimeter, pause than American Persia art gallery is returned that big, see the iron rusty spot that there still is generation of more ferric oxide on coal tub again, sunken at glaze, sunken place often twinkles blue or white " Xi Guang " , pester the big Hua Daxie such as branch peony, su Ma expects from green picture etc is the feature that typical black spends. This black flower originates in Jingdezhen, from the net data shows, the black flower of each big museum collect carefully is not worth the world 400, can see in Kunming so so good, big black beautiful pot is very god-given, it belongs to cultural relic of national treasure class. Gentleman of king of the person that collect says, want to send Yunnan to collect a house to exhibit this national treasure, let more person see its honour look.
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