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One marine archaeologist exhibits Sweden sell Nanhai heavy boat pottery and porc
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Kuala lumpur of Xinhua News Agency the company of Nanhai ocean archaeology that electric Sweden establishs in Malaysia and its Malaysia partner cooperate, 4 days begin to be revealed in kuala lumpur and be sold this month its sink 10 times from Southern China early or late since 1990 the partial china that salvages in the boat and crockery.
According to this company introduction, exhibit the china that sell and crockery great majority this to come from China, have to Qing Chaojun from Song Chao, Ming Dynasty, in all many 1200, basically be blue and white porcelain, still having a few is to use what the china fragment that salvages makes to hang with adornment. Exhibit sell article every price differ, hang with adornment price lowest, some has 50 Lin Ji spy only (14.7 dollars) , the price is Ming Dynasty highestly a between 10 thousand past years big blue and white porcelain bowl, price is 88000 Lin Ji spy () of about 15880 dollars.
Sideng Siqiaositelanuo says archaeologist of this company director, Sweden, he himself learns marine archaeology, and to china very have fun at. China is the birthplace of pottery and porcelain from of old, and Ma Liujia channel also is thing square merchantman and trade dealings from of old surely the ground of classics, so his past just a little chooses to search archaic heavy ship in Southern China maritime space 10 years all the time.
He says, past just a little comes 10 years in the process that search and salvages archaic heavy boat, invested many energy and capital, exhibit this sell an activity earnings, one part will donate concerned museum, another part is to accumulate fund, so that can continue,pursue his marine archaeology career. He returns complement to say, he special have deep love for marine archaeology career.
Siqiaositelanuo still expresses, he ever also had held auction activity in China in the past, the result is right. He expresses, hold this in Malaysia exhibit sell an activity, it is the salvages heavy boat activity that goes because of him, around Malaysia mostly maritime space undertakes, exhibit so sell an activity to chose to be in Malaysia, is not other place.

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