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Collection of experts in the eyes of the investment darling - porcelain Qianlo
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Bo Ying-Xue Bao Art Network commentator can not do without the author talk about collections of porcelain, about Qianlong porcelain can not do without. In recent years the art auction market, the Qing Emperor Qianlong porcelain during the auction has become the most dazzling star. Recent transactions in the UK Qianlong famille rose porcelain vase hollow, and its 550 million yuan of the transaction price staggering, record breaking auctions of domestic porcelain record. Bo Baby Jane in the mall, Qianlong porcelain collection also ushered in the climax. The interview with Bo Po Ki Art Network senior collections specialist, he also said that investment in view of the Qianlong porcelain is very optimistic. Ki fought in the collection for decades, has a rich collection of experience and a keen vision of the market. He said in an interview in the field of art collection, Qianlong period, something consistent with the long-term preservation works of art, the appreciation of the many rules, set the authenticity of EPS, the number of affordable, high-profile, distinctive in one. The long term, the price appreciation potential of such works of art or even better than the French Impressionist paintings. Bo Mr. Bao said that the accumulation of works of art under the "compounding effect" very alarming. He cited the well-known views of Mr. economist Zhang Wuchang: Even excluding inflation, art investment market is still a 5% annual compound interest. At the same time, and general goods and asset markets, there is a very special aspect of art: It has no output, no productivity, no revenue, so it can not be discounted, it does not limit the appreciation potential, that works of art there is no ceiling price. Therefore, long-term holders of similar works of art, including porcelain vase Qianlong benefits are substantial. Qing porcelain collection focuses mainly on Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong three generations of kiln, known as "Qing Dynasties", the Qing Dynasty bucket color, colorful Qing Dynasty, Qing Dynasty famille rose the most expensive. Among them, the Qianlong porcelain most eye-catching, especially the Qianlong period Fencai Ci device, its style is more complex and beautiful, diverse style trends, colors and other decorative aspects with a distinctive color. Qianlong was a self-proclaimed "taste" of the figure, in his promotion, the respect for the elegant habits very popular, porcelain rooms of various paper products, and its many varieties and production of sperm, are beyond any previous period. Vase, bottle gourd, Ngau Tau respect so very common. Bo Baby Jane mall display porcelain Qianlong period, a variety of types of shapes to meet the different needs of collectors. Flowers are the main themes of porcelain Qianlong period, such as peony, chrysanthemum, morning glory, morning glory and other flowers, meaning icing on the cake. Another theme of the porcelain is also a vivid landscape, design a unique, porcelain is also very delicate texture, mild like jade.