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Heze rare ancient Yuan Dynasty blue and white porcelain unearthed from sunken sh
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23, the Provincial Administration of Cultural Heritage, held in Heze, Heze City wreck identified archaeological and press conference to announce the results of major archaeological --- September this year, a construction site in Heze found in ancient wrecks, the archaeologists were cleaning up their Yuan found, including three blue and white porcelain pieces, including a total of more than 110 important cultural relics. Deputy Director of Provincial Department of Culture, the Provincial Bureau of Cultural Relics Xie Zhixiu said, "We will declare the results of the wreck of the top ten archaeological archaeological discoveries, and now look promising. If you declare success, Shandong, China received Top Ten Archaeological Findings will reach 16. " Reporters in the construction of Heze International Trade Center site to see shipwrecks and artifacts found, the wreck is a wooden vessel, the preservation of the environment is different from the left side of the ship's rotten wooden base, finished bottom and right side of the preservation of basic Well, experts believe can be recovered. Residual hull 21 meters long, 4.82 m wide, 1.8 meters high, remove the bow, stern separate cabin, the cabin is divided into 10 size ranging from 1.3-1.8 meters in width. The timber ship Mainly cypress and catalpa trees. September 17 found that after the wreck, the archaeological department of emergency intervention, one after another in and around the sunken ship found in more than 110 pieces of relics, including pottery, porcelain, lacquerware, jade, gold and other major categories. Yuan Dynasty blue and white dragon Vase, Jun Ying glaze cups, as well as including Jingdezhen, Longquan, Jun, Cizhou, Ge ware and other five or six well-known porcelain ceramic systems available, shocked the world. Experts believe that the relics found in this very high standard, in China is very rare. Heze wooden boat to study the shapes of the Yuan Dynasty and the production process provides a physical standard, it found that, for the study of the history of the local water transport, river transport is important. Shipwreck artifacts carried by high-grade, for now Upper class people of the Yuan Dynasty and the social customs and cultural life is significant. Heze city museum building to be constant temperature and humidity in the warehouse, the complete recovery of the boat after the show. General Manager of Cultural Relics, Shandong Province, the researchers analyzed Wei Song, "The blue and white Yuan Mei bottles unearthed as the dragon, six decoration, painting works absolutely fine, should be made for the emperor Yuan Guan. If that did not break, Price must In the 3 billion or more, the collapse of May a little bottle Ministry, the body of a crack, the market price should be 1 billion yuan. "