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Chinese Cultural Center in Berlin exhibition of Jingdezhen porcelain
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German friends Watch cloisonne Vase Heart Sutra Kuan Yin The rich variety of fine china on display with various styles and different periods of Chinese porcelain show the characteristics of technology, but also conveyed the Chinese porcelain that are hidden deep cultural connotation. Such as temporary "San Hsi Tang" powder Color wall bottle, the enamel toward the sea to Yuhuan Danping crane and other works, is imitation kiln works, a true reproduction of the court Furama porcelain beauty, and also reflects the cultural tastes of the emperors; "friends map" teapot and blue and white " Singing the song "tank, reflects the aesthetic taste of Chinese Scholar; and Qianjiang color" In the Mood for Love "series of vases, and the" arc series of fantasy sculpture, "and so on, are sufficient to show absorption of contemporary Chinese ceramic art form of modern Now practices in a wider area of the constant pursuit of higher artistic level. Fine Chinese porcelain attracted a lot of German visitors. They expressed admiration not only for the royal porcelain, but also on "Pastel December Flora Cup", "Qianjiang color map Chrysanthemum tea Autumn Quail" and other very practical porcelain Interested. And with Chinese calligraphy, ink painting, etc. works, but also that they enjoyed, pondering endless. During the exhibition, Chinese Culture Center in Berlin met with JIA Jian new culture of Jingdezhen City (Heritage), Deputy Secretary, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute of Archaeology, secretary of the Pan Yiying, thanks Jingdezhen Culture (Heritage) of the Fair Board In relation to the strong support, I hope there are still opportunities for the future, to let the Chinese ceramic culture to the world and create greater glories.