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Emerald green bracelet changes pen of Lai Jun kiln to wash
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1930, market of boreal smooth antique appears kiln of a Song Jun rouses a hammer 3 sufficient pen is washed. Antique dealer people the past history that knows to be washed this sum; Old man is married little wife, later marital be deceived, the wife is washed by force with the pen change emerald green bracelet, jeweller's got Ruizengyuan. Hind the hand of classics antique dealer washs your kiln pen sell past United States, reap huge profit. Its story is interesting, how to differentiate Song Daijun kiln implement also say specificly.
Bracelet of an emerald green jade song of sorrowful of a Bei North makes the same score Na Chi child luck adds source jeweller's is an old name, in east there is reputation quite in the other people of riches and honour of the city. Diamond of its gem halcyon, main at that time sale gives bureaucratic rich man, madam young ladies, everybody cans not afford general civilian. Do jewelry knack of doing business to often interact with madam young lady, the circumstance of other people of bureaucratic, riches and honour in the city, their know sth like the palm of one's hand. At this moment, those who have Qian Maizhu treasure is rich the family moves a much to Tianjin concession to live, they think to put worth in foreign bank to be mixed, ability assures safety. The much that stays in north to make the same score is the young man with the mentality of an old fogy of surviving adherent of a former dynasty that does not have an official to do, what the official becomes run to Nanjing. The city is staying in to be become in Qing Ting east of one's previous experience of official, member of the Imperial Academy old bureaucratic, when Yuan Shikai weighs the Supreme Being, he also weighs me, still should cross subaltern in government of the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning, person " 3 day founding member " . After northern expedition wins, his what official also does not have get the opportunity. Age is aged, more than 60 years old still " Jin Wu hides charming " . Prentice counterjumper of Ruizengyuan knows, there is an old member of the Imperial Academy around, married a beautiful concubine, the 30 people that come forward still resemble is seventeen, the old girl of 8. The colourful blessing that says old member of the Imperial Academy is not shallow. This young wife is the good client that luck adds source jeweller's, she buys gem to get ceaselessly emerald green wait for precious headgear. Prentice, counterjumper of Ruizengyuan comments privately guess say: "This young wife is in scrape up ' delicacy ' , once old fogey returns,be afraid of on the west, she does not scoop up family property, old fogey still has one to help children and grandchildren greatly! "   luck added a source to buy an emerald green bracelet on retail sales, very outstanding, won't do regrettablly right, the young lady that is some magnifico is 20 years ago with a childe " decide affection under the counter " content, the heart changed after the man leaves ocean unexpectedly. Time passes and the situation has changed, the person is old bead yellow, that young lady is life place approach, must sell it. This only emerald green bracelet is Qing Dynasty is done, emerald green jade freezes, lubricious energy of life is good, of green bark, without white spot shading, cant cries " at a heat green " . Ruizengyuan just spends 2000 yuan to buy a hand. A day, the young wife of old member of the Imperial Academy comes, of shopkeeper take out this only emerald green bracelet to give her look. She looked to be fallen in love with, say: This is really good, won't do only namely double. " of shopkeeper introduced bracelet to her child antecedents, after this madam listens, also feel feel sad is afflictive. Passed a little while, of shopkeeper cry prentice the aquarium that takes replete cold water, will emerald green bracelet is put in past water, the seawater that the water in the crock is like verdure is same! The madam saw joyance is unusual, clap applauds! She will be emerald green bracelet from the fish out in water, taking water to be covered toward the hand, pull coat sleeve upgrade, take emerald green bracelet on arm, careful look. Of shopkeeper also stand aside look. He sees this take the emerald green bracelet of water to just be like one bark green water, surround to go up in fine white tender flesh, very wonderful, blurt out in spite of oneself: "It is find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind really, covet making a person! " unexpectedly, this madam has literary talent quite, knowing this word is punny, busy come down arm Lu, ask: "I no matter covet, your this bracelet child how many fund to sell? Your this bracelet child how many fund to sell??
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