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Liu Zongyuan says porcelain
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The history of Jingdezhen production pottery and porcelain is long. "New Ping Yetao, only then Yu Hanshi. " the Tang Dynasty be known as between Wudenian " false jade article " , and tribute Yu Chaoting. Of document account, divide " float bridge county annals " outside, still have a the earliest, it is Tang Liu Zong Yuan writes " acting person takes china form " . Jingdezhen of county of bridge of Tang Dynasty float belongs to Rao Zhou. Yuan with 8 years (81 3 of the Christian era year) , liu Zongyuan's friend yuan Cui holds the post of feudal provincial or prefectural governor in Rao Zhou, superintend and director builds pay intribute of china Xiang Chaoting. In those days, liu Zongyuan already ability name is written greatly, yuan Cui asked him to write this to go up the document that submits an emperor. This only the factum of 83 words, highly praise the china at that time. Have among them " Zhi of art essence Shan, make add up to dimensions. Report comes the Tao Zheng of heart, corrupt without suffering oneself. Close too and with be in harmony knot, gram protects faithful. And of the boiler that do not have tile cry, it is the heart of Xing weighing earth. " sentence, tell the choiceness of little china, maintaining long-term firm send, without the noise of chinaware, show Jingdezhen pit implement (kiln of ancient city weighing forgive) the technical level with already was achieved certain. ,

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