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Dragon bed
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Grow in the Jingdezhen people of prosperous river two sides, mixing with clear prosperous Jiang Shuihe forever him tears of blood kneads porcelain clay, make " if sound is chime stone, Bai Ruyu, thin the china that is like " of paper, Ming Rujing, praise each district of full whole nation, connect far at that time the emperor in Beijing city, also go up in Jingdezhen china think of a plan. Have a year, just spent the New Year before long, a imperial edict is transmitted in Beijing, send come superintend and director makes, want Jingdezhen to make a piece of unrivaled dragon bed, the bed that this piece of porcelain makes, ask a Jin Long circles bedpost, two pairs of phoenix face south, glossy ganoderma forms a cluster all around peony, a variety of colour sweet. Be restricted one year to had been built, by accident period do not hand in, be about a Jingdezhen all porcelain artisan kill all completely. Be new originally year, people strong Yanwei is joyous, everybody becomes now worry is heavy. Some people say: "We press down li of for generations to eat china meal, should burn burn, the emperor does not arrive hard we! "Some people say: "Be difficult! The emperor flay a flint, burn so that also do not have a · of · of · of · of bottom · · very much " but this year of Jingdezhen opened project ahead of schedule after all, must domestic home mill starts work the bed that make a surname. Porcelain kiln starts work the bed that burn dragon. But burn come over to burn the past, either crack even if collapse, in succession a few months, this piece gets the dragon bed of exceed what is proper subtly again greatly again, fail from beginning to end firing.
At that time, have the master worker of a Chen Dehou, be kiln is old picket, the skill of kiln should calculate a party to an undertaking in whole town, the china that burns via his hand each Bai Guangguang, 噹 噹 is noisy. Old experienced worker sees face of brother of artisan of full city porcelain takes worried look, for fear that burns bad dragon bed to take off do not get a body, won't do alive life, cut than the knife in the heart afflictive still. He made bed of 4 pieces of dragon early or late in him mill stealthily, but also be,one piece also is done not have firing. Old experienced worker has a daughter, be called emerald green fragrant, be born knowledgeably bright, learn so that draw red fine craftsmanship single-handed. The flowers that allegedly she draws is put in the window, meeting incur gets butterfly bee to rotate all round, the one's pupils or disciples that she draws, people sees ache slightly of the meeting in the mouth. Old experienced worker is very fond of a daughter, the daughter also shows consideration for father very much. Father daughter two depend on each other, it is you burn me to draw all along, I draw you to burn, now day endlessly night does not rest, of one mind should have burned dragon bed.
Already arrived in an instant at the beginning of November first, have two months only from deadline of the bed that make a surname, really urgent day heals to pass so that heal in the heart fast. The group in Beijing comes superintend and director makes and a few lackey of Ya of county of float bridge county, also force more tighten more, they go east kiln, ramble on the west kiln, drink an old man, abuse a child, visit the oversee before kiln. Every arrive one kiln, people should slaughter a pig to kill gallinaceous piously worship they, have entertainment a bit not, can give the accusation that wears " of last " defy His or Her Majesty, while still alive holds the person go kill. Old experienced worker compares a day one day angular, the person also faints to understand, often touching burn collapse burned-out dragon bed groans, abstracted be buried in thought. Emerald green fragrant see father such, resemble having countless aeriform beautiful pinprick faint on the heart pain.
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