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"Kiln of peace and tranquility " story
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Jingdezhen had one to plant in the past consuetudinary, whenever the traditional Chinese calendar the Mid-autumn Festival August 15 in the evening, below bright moon everybody should be burned " kiln of peace and tranquility " . "Kiln of peace and tranquility " it is to build kiln of a kind of on the ground symbolistic cylinder, with the cake of round porcelain broken bits that when burning china only only, has used base is become, big tall one a unit of length, small also have 34 foot. Firewood is burned among, burn candle day.
Allegedly " kiln of peace and tranquility " burn to commemorate army of peace and tranquility. During the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.established by Hong Xiuquan during the Taiping Revolution. the largest of pleasant uprisings in China's history, army of peace and tranquility ever entered Jingdezhen a few degrees. Once complementary king Yang Fuqing assaults again Jingdezhen, the Qing Bing on the town wants kiln to be versed in people tore open hundreds of kiln and kiln chimney, with city of kiln brick base, in order to hold back army of peace and tranquility. Kiln is the one's very life that kiln is versed in, how is be willing to part with or use torn open? Touch absolutely refuse to to agree. Clear arms bate, these kiln each blast was dropped. At this moment army of peace and tranquility is scored, qing Bing flees for his life broadcast. Be versed in to help kiln people rebuild home, army of peace and tranquility opens feudal official library and commissariat to relieve common people. Common people appreciates Mo Ming, the Mid-autumn Festival of as it happens comes, everybody put up kiln of each peace and tranquility on the beach, burn had ablaze kiln fire, drink already in kiln edge jump again, be the same as army of peace and tranquility to officers and men people Tong Qingjia section. From now on this consuetudinary continue all the time come down. ,

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