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"White apron " story
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Previously, jingdezhen packs china to use straw, because this has in ceramics industry " Jiao grass goes " , with respect to the packing industry that is now.
Between Ming Dynasty Jia Qingnian, the boss makes money for more ground, oppress desperately the worker that pack, work overtime arbitrarily not only, and eat what set so rice meal and meet first one, 15, convention of a jin of porky changed every 5 people, the worker does not have the flesh to eat, the meal also is unpolished rice meal. For this, the worker of the complete grass that press down Jiao that heads with Zheng Zimu went on strike, the worker of other industry also gives answer.
The boss locals authorities this matter report, feudal official paid more than 10 wooden workers such as Zheng Zimu, force your go back to work. Workers disapprobation, raise requirement of go back to work. Incident of go back to work was not concluded, china carries again do not go out, boss and feudal official are anxious, want to subdue workers with good idea. Know to burn a two basin conflagration on hall, cook over a slow fire parts to wear above an iron cap and a pair of Tie Cao are changed, approach Zheng Zimu gives orders go back to work, be about to carry otherwise on burn red iron cap and put on Tie Cao to change. Zheng Zimu holds to castiron, the result is burned to iron by while still alive and die. To commemorate the castiron Trojan of this for public interest sacrifice, jiao careless worker each strung " white apron " , souvenir of as a way of, and run in the family. ,

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