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Barren garden old plum
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Tian Hexian (the Christian era 1894 one 1932) , yuan Mingtian is green, old plum of alias barren garden. Carry on of ancestral home Zhejiang is promoted, be born in Jiangxi to stroke a city, it is a person of academic or artistic distinction of Jingdezhen picture porcelain. He loves art as a child, study is painterly, porcelain estate company holds the position of the Ceng Zaijiang after Lai Jingde is pressed down on the west evening school teacher, get acquainted with with painter Xu Zhongna first, gradually with name of group of Jingdezhen pottery and porcelain the painter makes friends, be engaged in brushwork of pottery and porcelain technically later, for " bead hill 8 friend " one of members. Landscape painting of Tian Hexian begin to learn, famille rose wintersweet is specialized in after. Strength of his traditional Chinese painting is good, bright and assiduous. Although be engaged in history of art of pottery and porcelain shorter, but can master colour of pottery and porcelain very quickly to give craft skill, make a picture use a pen vigrous and forceful, coloring quietly elegant absolutely common, style is audacious, contain in the group fine. Form of composition of a picture is lively, density has send, administrative levels can show the decorous spirit of wintersweet appropriately. Grow in order to draw Mei Jian as a result of him, wang Dafan of painter of pottery and porcelain ever made poetic favour at that time him; "Landscape Qing Hui becomes one case, wintersweet is made more incomparable " . ,

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