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The world is celebrated Hao Shijiu
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Announce kiln Bao Shenyong kiln is thick, the world is celebrated Wu Shijiu; Have small Shi Qing more moving, the hill that correct cottage leaves heavy turn one's head. This is a poem that the Fan Yuheng that bright generation holds the post of drive history between 10 thousand past years sends Wu Shijiu, the friendship between them was conveyed in the poem, spoke very highly of craft of Wu Shijiu that make china and literary talent. Wu Shijiu is surnamed originally, renown Wu Wei, jiangxi float Liang Jingde presses down a person. Give birth to Yu Jiajing early days, soldier at later period of 10 thousand all previous (the Christian era the 1522 one) between 1620. He is bright generation a person of academic or artistic distinction making china of with making high choiceness eggshell china extremely negative great reputation. Wu Shijiu one's previous experience takes the place of to be the family of course of study in order to make china at number, family circumstances is poor, quality not benefit of be addicted to, bright and erudite, be versed in poetic be apt to is drawn. He sends career of porcelain of lifetime energy Yu Tao, what make china of essence of life, clever absolutely the person is clever, from a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest of date crock concealed. What he burns the china scene that make makings is elegant, all implement all beautiful. The famousest have small cup drifting glow, its are lubricious bright be like Zhu Sha, be just as afterglow to fly cross, glorious shine person. Have egg act cup again, thin be like cicada's wings, jade-like stone white lovely, an ability weighs half an ancient unit of weight (24 an ancient unit of weight are 9) , all directions nots hesitate high price begs. The bottle that he makes kind. Style elegance, "Lubricious light greenish blue, be like official, elder brother implement, anhydrous grain " . Still build have the violet gold bottle that takes Zhu Se, crock ground fund is " crock concealed old person " . The china that makes because of him does not have distinguishing feature, so people calls the pit of his fire china crock fair kiln. " Jingdezhen contented is recorded " about the special account at crock fair kiln. Bright generation Li Rihua is in " miscellaneous compose of violet peach a small room " in ever the china of Wu Shijiu of record and narrate, give Shi Yun: "Stores in a market or street to look for red sand hopper, shadow of soft tone cloud from crock day, point out by gentleman small cup drifting glow, go sail orchid wells balanced 9 springs " . Qing Qianlong year " contented says " author Zhu Yan also inscribes poetic confer posthumously " Long Quan's brother is famous long, zhen Tu cuts total follow into parts newly, particular shed Xia Zaijiang, the Gao Yin in crock gets a poet " . These explain what Wu Shijiu builds china humanness place to cherish. In museum of the Imperial Palace, the carve of yellow protruding of charming of crock fair kiln that hides Wu Shijiu place to make 9 dragon square jar, the mouth has inscriptive say: "Er of article of the Tao Xi that hook Er is qualitative, dragon cases embellish bead Xu Dongbi. Wu Wei of 10 thousand all previous is made. " was in Jingdezhen city 1973 churchyard, came up out of land a Wu Shijiu's brother the inscription on the memorial tablet with a tomb of 10, this is the inscription on the memorial tablet with a tomb of circle of blue and white porcelain with scarce place of a world, diameter 22 centimeters, book of charging tray of annals Wen Yiqing, in all 362 words, can turn the surname that knows Wu Shijiu and one's lot from which.
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