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Foreigner is stolen " porcelain avalokitesvara " story
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Jingdezhen is in early yuan bright when can make china figure sculpture, you Yidiao builds God famous, it is up to now inside the temple of foot of a hill of eyebrow of Sichuan high mountain, still withheld one honour bright Shi Jingde town burns the Lushena that build big porcelain Buddha, tall 2.47 meters. Allegedly, kind happiness mother of an emperor " hang down cheap hold court " during, have a foreign missionary cling to ascend, it is a name with do missionary work, in be being collected everywhere, the country makes porcelain technology information and ancient china. A day he comes to inside big cloister, see there is one in Buddha honour the porcelain avalokitesvara that makes very good. Glair color is glittering and translucent, green garment wraps around body, take look, still be the high-quality goods of bright generation. He takes the advantage of the machine that old monk is absent, take out moneybag to want Xiang Xiaohe to still buy this honour avalokitesvara. Small bonze does not agree, this was stolen when he takes the advantage of small bonze to go away again honour porcelain resembles. Old monk after coming back get a nuisance urgently.
right now, archaize makes springlet of week of porcelain a person of academic or artistic distinction come to here, know to say after this matter, never mind, I had seen the avalokitesvara here is, my idea wants to come back to you. After a few days, zhou Xiaoquan comes cling to the church that enter, say to deliver treasure for him. Saying to take out avalokitesvara of one honour porcelain to give cling to ascend look, cling to ascend frightened jump, how with oneself exactly like, hasten take compare to it, really same. Want to sell how many fund to him, zhou Xiaoquan is intended drive up price. Cling to ascend not. Zhou Xiaoquan takes the advantage of him carelessly when, took away search honour true avalokitesvara, archaize porcelain stays in however cling to ascend a hand in. ,

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