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"Beauty hold a memorial ceremony for " story
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"Beauty hold a memorial ceremony for " it is a kind of china, also call hold a memorial ceremony for Gong Huoji red, indigestion red, belong to coloured glaze category, color is red and moist is exquisite, show scene stable and do not flow drip, it is the top grade in red glair, what what produce with bright generation is most precious.
"Hold a memorial ceremony for is red " china also has similar " wind fire god " story, 60 time Jingdezhen still has been patted " hold a memorial ceremony for is red " homonymic film. The story comes from Xiang Chao " contented trade account " . Allegedly, ming Dynasty when, drive implement the factory receives an emperor to be not burned repeatedly, sufferred all kinds of whip chastise to punish, suffering can'ts bear character. And time limit, do not finish put to death. An old kiln labour comes home in the evening for this matter groan, was known by his daughter, because of,asking is He Yuan, old kiln industry says the likelihood is kiln lukewarm insufficient. The following day, old kiln work goes again kiln. Midday time, his daughter dresses up Qi Qi is wholy whole, will send a meal for father. At this moment the temperature in kiln still is not burned go up, everybody anxious gets meal of not feel like eating. Abrupt, kiln is versed in the daughter cries greatly, push everybody, jump plunges inside kiln, when just when everybody is this to cry,crying, kiln temperature rise went up, china is burned very successfully. After, call this kind of china " beauty hold a memorial ceremony for " , of the hematic incarnadine that is beauty. Gu originallies this kind of red glair is so red that this kind of red glair resemble the blush on face of the girl after drinking, cry again so " beauty is drunk " . ,

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