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"Tall territory " story
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"Tall territory " it is the world to this kind of porcelain clay appellative, of Jingdezhen get what the village became this kind of porcelain clay high to name the ground.
About " tall territory " have a fabulous story: Get a village high to living a long time ago the end with a high surname Chinese, two people of husband and wife hire land till the land to make a living, the life is very bitter. Morning of a winter, tall old man sees there is a white hair old man that is frozen stiff below eave, he is busy call out come the old partner carries him order a bed to go up, burn Jiang Shang next his fill. The old person is so hungry that the old person won't talk, contribute with the hand only contribute the mouth to want to have a thing. But their home has potherb only. How Where is pink? They are obliged whereaboutldirection is rich door the family lent a litre rice boil congee to send an old person to eat. After the old person ate congee, burst out laughing suddenly: You are good person really, deserve the reputations one enjoys. Take out a white and glittering and translucent Xiaoshi from the pocket then piece, give tall old man, call him bury in get mountain high, pass seventy-seven thousand three hundred and ninety-nine days to go gouge, that can become dig earth of never-failing white jade, sending Jingdezhen to go is the superior raw material that make china. Often be done according to his word, appear as expected my miracle, it is white everywhere tender tender jade earth, be dug with village person together, carry arrives Jingdezhen, sold a lot of fund. The china of Jingdezhen also is planted because of using this porcelain clay, quality is better, love for domestic and international person place. ,

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