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Zhao of bless contented god
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Past dynasties of face of Jingdezhen all previous is with making porcelain is course of study, the story that because this concerns china,produces a field, fokelore is very much also. "Bless contented god " the fokelore of Zhao is among them one of.
Allegedly the Jingdezhen of old times, in drive kiln factory east side has a division king temple, it is consecrate is called " bless contented god " ceramics division advocate the temple of God. Temple medium baking temperature is constant, often hold swim divine sports meet, fulfil god celebrate result activity.
The division that be called advocate " bless contented god " surname Zhao Ming, word uncle friend, renown 10 thousand large. Allegedly he gives birth to Yuxi strict and impartial period, the official when the car is strict and impartial comes 5 article, ever had become an officer in and other places of Fujian, Zhejiang, deep know well the knowledge making china of those areas yield porcelain and experience. As a result of his upright and outspoken not A, not thing influential officials, envy is evil be like enemy, because this is evil to swing,not allow, be in with respect to retire Jingdezhen, impart his experience that make china to porcelain to be versed in people, rose to make porcelain technology greatly thereby, improved product quality. The porcelain project at that time is right he very respect and admire, with division job. Temple stands after dying sacred, honour for division advocate, internal heat of all previous day is ceaseless. God of the Zhao in temple resembles be placed in the middle, both sides is to chare the division, division that make semifinished product, hand-pressing division, shave base division, division that dig base, Buddhist templeput on the brakes combines base division look, basically what make china each are main type of work included to go in. ,

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