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The fokelore of porcelain ancestor
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Zhao Kai, the person when the Eastern Jin dynasty, fabulous he is Jingdezhen makes porcelain division advocate, past dynasties enjoys hold a memorial ceremony for to offer. Zhan Shan has civil " bless Tao Shizhu " mark its issue. Full text says: "My float Jingdezhen, appropriate contented takes above to offer, of Song Fu civilian, yuan the county of the palm is made history, and close with authority official, to me toward big Wu Wei, only then set drive implement factory, superintend and director with in official. Between Hong Xi, little inspect Zhang Shan only then the god of worshipping bless contented, inside the factory that build a mouth, say: "Master advocate person, surname Zhao name deeply touched, word father's younger brother bright, taste Ren Jinchao, path the people of benefit of the cabala that connect celestial being, reason fry seals the rank of nobility of 10 thousand large, wish Hou Wang, with its divine, enough is eminent today ancient also.

Into change, eunuch namely Yuan Xian and know a book, call town civilian year old contented, bless of all endowment god, outside be Tu Miaodong door, connect thoroughfare 100 paces make northeast, so that pray is offerred sacrifices to, buccal mouth place also.

Between heaven and earth, bear 10 thousand civilian, alone the five elements, the fortune name of the five elements has divine opening, contented department Yu Huo, take refine of Yu Lieyan forge. The force of go-between Xi Rong, be not magical result, its how can aid is, although implement in order to offer the blessing Kuang of the court of a feudal ruler of go to court, appropriate does not have a mouth at him like that, 100 gods effect arranges cable meritorious service in order to offer sacrifices to, allusion place does not abandon the state also. " (anthology from Zhan Shan " rebuild a record of events inscribed on a tablet of Tao Miao of Shi Zhuyou of imperial order Feng Moshuo " ,


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