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"Be born famille rose " the author of ability law
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Wang Dafan (the Christian era 1888, 1961) , he comes to Jingdezhen from young times, be engaged in art of pottery and porcelain working nearly half century. It is art of pottery and porcelain all one's life cultivated not aluminous, it is an art division that character of Jingdezhen pottery and porcelain draws, "Be born famille rose " the author of ability law. At the beginning of the Republic of China year, the person such as he and Wang Qi of artist of art of famous pottery and porcelain organizes art of Jingdezhen pottery and porcelain to study a company, hold fair of painting and calligraphy, had given more than 20 proceedings of a conference, establish Jingdezhen craft daily. After this, organize with a few famous artists again " lunar circle is met " , research innovation pottery and porcelain is drawn art, people says for " bead hill 8 friend " . He is art of pottery and porcelain revitalize did much good work. He is good at picture of character of pottery and porcelain, hold <> concurrently write landscape, painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style. 1915, his character draws big porcelain vase " birthday of riches and honour is taken an examination of " , obtain Panama international exposition golden qualitative medal. His of primitive simplicity that draw wind, the fine that use a pen is beautiful, composition of a picture is precise, imposing manner is free and easy. Especially he has innovation mind, can pay attention to " make the past serve the present " , division the ancients and do not originally at the ancients, an ably traditional Chinese painting is medium " enthusiasm " as painterly as pottery and porcelain union rises, make work picture wind sterling. 1939, the pottery and porcelain that he creates " be born famille rose " ability law, having a unique style, new artistic positive result was obtained in the exploration that accede and carries on our country traditional arts and crafts. After founding a state, he works to institute of pottery and porcelain, creation enthusiasm is taller, draw gave the good work of a lot of masses love to see and hear. Be like vase of 150 big porcelain " big Yu Zhishui " , when founding a state 10 years, send toward Beijing, those who be travelled together by central leader comrade and art group is admiring. Still a lot of work are in " people China " , " Jingdezhen ceramics selected works " etc publish on books and periodicals. 1959 " people pictorial " , " people China " ever made special subject introduction to his artistic career. As a result of his artistic to pottery and porcelain contribution, get people's credit greatly, ever was by choose association of Jingdezhen city artist is standing director and association of Jiangxi province artist are standing director.

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