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The Tang Dynasty kiln and Tang Ying
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The Guan Tangying of contented of superintend and director with clear famous generation, when Jingdezhen presses down contented the china life of place fire calls kiln of " the Tang Dynasty " . The Tang Dynasty kiln china is very elegant, its make level and quality reach unprecedented height. " Chinese china " say in one book: "Chinese china, arrived the Tang Dynasty kiln, really what collect past system of ownership makes is big into. This expression decorates a method in china, modelling design and " of respect of the technology that make china. China is decorated only coloured glaze of tall, low temperature has 57 kinds; The pen of freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting of painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style of character of landscape of " of respect of coloured drawing or pattern, of viridescence apply colours to a drawing make, the scene " of far and near of the four seasons does not have without place, and " compasses strokes a person of academic or artistic distinction, each have originally " ; On modelling design, criterion from " Gu Zha implement the money of the rank of nobility of honour vessel bittern is made, spend what fruit elephant is born to make " to melon Hu, have everything that one expects to find.
Tang Ying grows nearly 30 years in time of contented of Jingdezhen superintend and director, it is time of contented of superintend and director of factory of Jingdezhen drive kiln the longest, the official of contented of superintend and director with the most remarkable success. He studies contented Wu wholeheartedly, earnestly practise what one advocates, not only seasoned, and still undertake to craft of production of Jingdezhen porcelain industry science is summed up, from theoretic try to rise, write early or late piece " Tao Wuxu slightly " , " edify plan says " , " Tao Chengji thing " , " instruct of porcelain Wu matters concerned stalks of grain " wait for composing. ,

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