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Spring of red of week of archaize a person of academic or artistic distinction
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Past dynasties archaize porcelain, zhou Danquan is a person of academic or artistic distinction that archaize china makes on the history, the archaize china that he makes often arrives with the extent with false true ceremony, " conversation by writing of stone room or building " in carry a such story.
One day, zhou Danquan goes by boat from golden Chang the river is right, transient hill, go visitting his friend Tang Taichang. He is right Tang Shui, hear you have the calm vessel of an ancient time, whether look to me? Tang Taichang takes him, the edge looks to use finger measurement measure by the side of him, come down vessel grain copy to hide, still give Tang Taichang the vessel next, parted. After fastening, he arrives after Jingdezhen half an year come back, go again call on Tang Taichang, say to him: "The Bai Dinglu vessel of your home, I also got. The Tang Dynasty very strange, take the He Zhoudan spring that oneself hide quite, unexpectedly exactly like, fine long hair is indiscriminate. Be placed in order to hold the containers esp. for use in the house of calm vessel oneself, also father to be contained like that seam. Strange Tang Taichang must come from where to Dan Quanding, zhou Danquan tells him: Do not hide the truth from you to say, this vessel imitates you to be done only then. Too often be not constant gasp in admiration, buy with respect to 40 gold, put in order to make copy, hide at penates temple. Later, the person that how the Huaihe River calls Du Jiu arrives float bridge, to Tang Taichang Gu Dingding is longed for day and night, eventually from too constant the archaize that Zhou Danquan gets with a thousand pieces of gold over there grandchildren decides a vessel. ,

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