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Contemporary blue and white porcelain: Bubble over curiosa.
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Investor signs up for (reporter Feng Zhao) " element embryo draws the outline of green beautiful style of writing thick turn weak, the peony that body depicts is like you first makeup " , in the singing backside that Zhou Jielun gracefuls and restrained, contemporary blue and white porcelain is collected also warming up gradually.

In June the first ten days of a month, to commemorate Beijing Olympic Games, by supervise the manufacture of of authority of Chinese country museum, xiong Gang of dean of imperial art academy of Wang Enhuai of fine of stannum of king of porcelain world leading authority, green beautiful Great Master, bead hill if couplet sleeves creation goes abroad 2008 " permanent peace " blueness of ceremony class pottery and porcelain spends plum bottle. This batch is known as " contemporary blue and white porcelain king " artistic now pottery and porcelain, already was sponsorred by museum of U.N. , country and 17 Olympic Games at present the country is collected, be surely this year ceremony of grand meeting country, the gift that is used at each sports delegacy and international friend communicates an activity. Using at Olympic Games match besides, national museum returns transfer to give 800 to public put on sale. It is reported, with the country that using the ceremony uses porcelain to be issued to social set limit to, still belong to on the history first.

So, is blue now beautiful art collected in pottery and porcelain in what kind of phase be in? Contemporary blue and white porcelain is borrowing the backside of situation Olympic Games, be artistic curiosa still collects bubble?

Lend situation Beijing the Olympic Games

Blue and white porcelain causes sensation, it is in England beautiful person gets an auction to be able to go up, yuan Daiqing spends porcelain " ghost cereal is downhill " fall with 14 million pound mallet, refresh of with one action the sale price record of Chinese artwork. From now on, chinese blue and white porcelain is faddish the world.

When the Olympic Games is forthcoming, "Permanent peace " blueness of ceremony class pottery and porcelain spends the country of plum bottle come on stage, make blue and white porcelain makes the central point that people pays close attention to again. "Compare with archaic blue and white porcelain, contemporary blue and white porcelain reveals personality particularly apparent, without severe measure, it is personalized creation completely; In addition, the scale of archaic blue and white porcelain person the craftsman that basically is a few ancestral craft, accordingly, opposite for, the artistic quality of contemporary blue and white porcelain wants prep above ancient porcelain. " CCTV " treasure of ancient bronze mirror " Che Jikai of expert of program specially invite tells " investor signs up for " reporter.

But, valuable far base all through the ages of close, stress the past is China collects a concept traditionally, artistic now pottery and porcelain is taken seriously tardy hard. Going up century 90 time, showing contemporary pottery and porcelain basically is have export with the form of handicraft, more it is a few abroad personages are in buy show contemporary pottery and porcelain. Enter 21 centuries, receive those who hide market cash flow to increase as home, collect a group to also be in quick dilate, begin to appear even the phenomenon of abroad circumfluence.
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