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Dish of porcelain of fast of elegance of kind happiness for use of an emperor is
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Elegance fast china is tasted really.

Treasure of ancient bronze mirror

Interlocution explains: This column appraisal expert comes from Guangdong to visit small town of registered office of cultural relic of city of museum, Guangzhou, Guangzhou respectively elegant room. The reader can taste Tibet picture hair to undertake advisory to Linlin@gzdaily.com, choose high clarity picture without fail.

Explain: The work of this column place appraisal all is based on the former picture that reader place provides, if require farther identification,need watchs in kind.

This period expert: Shenyang of registered office of Guangzhou city cultural relic is expensive

Reader: I have a china, there is the sign of elegance fast above, what time product be excuse me?

Appraisal: Look from the picture, content of this dish appearance is rich, the implied meaning is lucky, have the characteristic of work of period of mood of clear acting terminal light. Bird of hoary head of peony of draw of this dish front, ” of hoary head of riches and honour of implied meaning “ , among them one branch grows spic bead, implied meaning “ every years old of year old restful ” . Its use aureate picture two bowstring grain, edging is a bottom with loose a green pigment made of malachite, 10 thousand ” of draw “ word, batty, peaches offered as a birthday present is removed, pressing order is “ boundless blessing ” of 10 thousand birthday. Have the color of ” of “ elegance fast from picture and painterly picture wind, preliminary judgement is the work of smooth mood period.

Money of ” of “ elegance fast is the government-owned kiln china of kind happiness for use of an emperor, it is the high-quality goods with this one scarcer period. China of money of ” of “ elegance fast, it is coloured drawing or pattern of the Danmo on a copy kept as a record in color of blue, shallow cyan, pale pinkish purple, shallow purple mostly, picture wind is fine soft, design choiceness. Implements above have “ scope of operation more the inscriptions of one domestic spring ” and ” of “ elegance fast, and smooth ” of “ Yong Qingsheng, “ always celebrates chapter of Changchun ” aimlessly. The modelling of china of money of ” of “ elegance fast has dish, bowl, box, flowerpot, big crock, grain acts the role of subject matter to depict lotus of Chinese wistaria painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style, grape painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style, bittern to wait more, with black line of fabaceous black ground the double person that tick off a flower is most, have new idea very much.
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