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The means that collect does not have end
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Kiln of Tang Dynasty sprinkler grows a soup bottle

Headrest of tiger of Jin Daisan colour

Double chicken of handle of dragon of the Southern Dynasties head crock

Area of Shenzhen blessing cropland has " second tile fast " , its host hides a lot of fine china, include tall ancient high-quality goods a certain number of, high-quality goods of bright Qing Dynasty a certain number of. When the reporter sees made of baked clay fast is master, the Tibetan room that how asks he gives himself was taken so name? He says: "By the Chinese character combination looks, go up ' second ' below ' made of baked clay ' , namely ' porcelain ' word, state oneself hide china only; Additional, second tile, namely second at tile, means ' the thing that oneself receive, compare with good thing of the family, made of baked clay film is inferior to ' . " he comes with this him encourage: Not contented, collecting do not have end, there is harder way to want in front.

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